XXV anniversary festival “Boldino autumn”

The Nizhny Novgorod Opera and ballet theatre. A. S. Pushkin

XXV anniversary festival « Boldins Kai about canopy ” will open the curtain of the Nizhny Novgorod state academic theatre of Opera and ballet. A. S. Pushkin on Thursday, 17 November.

Principal roles in the Opera P. Tchaikovsky ’s the Queen of spades” . which will be presented this evening, Nizhny Novgorod audiophiles will hear performed by guests from Moscow – the soloist of the State academic Bolshoi theatre of Russia, honored artist of Russia ROMAN MURAVITSKY (Herman) and the soloist of the Moscow academic Music theatre. The Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko musical theatre of NATALIA MURADYMOVO (Lisa).

Bright temperament ROMAN MURAVITSKY, no doubt, remember our audience! In his reading of the ambiguous image of being denounced Gregory M. in Opera Mussorgsky “Boris Godunov” has already won the hearts of the audience with the depth of interpretation and manly charm.

The winner of the XVIII International competition. M. I. Glinka International competition. Dvorak, the First Open all-Russian competition of Opera singers “St. Petersburg” NATALIA MURADYMOVO this will be the first acquaintance with the stage of the Nizhny Novgorod theatre.

A brilliant continuation of the anniversary program will be the presentation of two one-act ballets choreographed by Michel FOKINE – “Tamar” Balakirev and “Scheherazade” N. Rimsky-Korsakov. Masterpieces of the great Russian dancer and choreographer were restored in the framework of the project «Russian seasons of XXI century”, organized by Foundation MARIS LIEPA who revived the great tradition of the famous «Russian seasons” by SERGEI DIAGHILEV. Artistic Director of the project, an outstanding Russian dancer and Director, people’s artist of Russia ANDRIS LIEPA. The performance will take place on 18 November at 19.00 hours.

Winner of the International competition, laureate of Nizhny Novgorod Nizhny NOVGOROD STATE RUssIAN FOLK ORCHESTRA conducted by people’s artist of Russia, laureate of the prize “Golden Apollo” Foundation. P. Tchaikovsky, Professor VIKTOR KUZNETSOV will take the stage theater on November 19, with a program called “Schafer”. The concert stars are busy Nizhny Novgorod Opera: laureate of International and all-Russian competitions, prize winner ’s Creative success” TATIANA GARMASHOVA, GENEVIEVE STARKOVA, FAITH KHARITONOV, honored artist of Russia, laureate of the prize ’s Creative success” VLADIMIR KUBASOV, I prize winner of the open regional competition, dedicated to the 170th anniversary and the birth of M. A. Balakirev, laureate of all-Russian vocal competition Valentina Levko VICTOR REUTOV.

Traditionally “Boldino autumn” in the poster of the festival included the premiere of the season – a magnificent ballet of Tchaikovsky “the Nutcracker” staged by the honored artist of Russia NINA DYACHENKO (Moscow), which can be seen on November 20. The conductor ’ s artistic Director and principal conductor of the Chuvash state Opera and ballet theatre, honored worker of arts of the Chuvash Republic, laureate of all-Russian competition of OLGA NESTEROVA.

Meeting with people’s artist of UssR, laureate of the prize of Moscow VLADISLAV PIAVKO in the gala concert «La PAssIONE d’AMORE” (“the PAssION of LOVE”) waiting for fans bellcanto November 21.

Fragments of operas: “the Norm” Bellini, “Othello” Verdi, “Manon Lescaut” Puccini, “Cavalleria Rusticana” Mascagni will be performed by VLADISLAV PIAVKO and participating in the program of the Irina Arkhipova “Opera ” new generation”, the leading soloists of Moscow theatres – the soloist of the Moscow academic music theatre. The Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow music theatre, laureate of International competitions LARISA ANDREEVA (mezzo-soprano), soloist of the Opera theatre of the Moscow state Conservatory. P. Tchaikovsky, laureate of International contests EKATERINA KOVALEVA (mezzo-soprano), laureate of International competitions MARIA, GORELOVO (soprano) and the soloist of the Moscow theatre ’s New Opera” them. E. Kolobov, laureate of International competitions OLGA TERENTYEVA (soprano).

Continuing with the theme of Pushkin in the framework of the festival will be the Opera of Tchaikovsky ’s Mazeppa”. Soloist of the Mariinsky theatre, people’s artist of Russia, laureate of International competitions, laureate of the “Baltic”, winner of the higher theatrical award of St. Petersburg ’s Golden soffit”, winner of the national theatrical award «Golden mask” in the category “Best male role in Opera” VICTOR the BLACK sea will be released in Nizhny Novgorod on stage in the role of Hetman Mazepa November 22.

November 23, after a long hiatus, fans of ballet will be able to see the ballet “the captain’s daughter” of T. Khrennikov.

Piggy Pushkin theatre has added another two names: “Mozart and Salieri” N. Rimsky-Korsakov and “Count Nulin” A. Nikolaev. The premiere of two one-act operas will be held on November 24.

The prima ballerina of the State Academic Theatre of classical ballet under the direction N. Kasatkina and V. Vasilev, people’s artist of Russia EKATERINA BEREZINA and the premiere of the ballet of the Moscow academic music theatre. The Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko, the laureate of the prize of Moscow, honored artist of Russia GEORGY MILESAGO the citizens of Nizhny Novgorod will be able to see 25 November in the play “Sleeping beauty” by P. Tchaikovsky.

On November 26, Alexander Dargomyzhsky’s Opera “mermaid” principal roles will be performed by soloists of the Saratov state academic Opera and ballet theatre. N. Chernyshevsky: people’s artist of Russia VIKTOR GRIGORYEV (Miller) and people’s artist of Russia SVETLANA KOSTINA (Natasha).

Grand Closing concert will take place on 27 November and will be the final chord of the magnificent celebration of the arts, which will be held at the Nizhny Novgorod land for the 25th time. The concert will feature the participation of leading soloists of Nizhny Novgorod state academic theatre of Opera and ballet. A. S. Pushkin and guests of the festival: the soloists of the Saratov state academic Opera and ballet theatre. N. Chernyshevsky’s artist of Russia VICTOR GRIGORIEV, people’s artist of Russia SVETLANA KOSTINA, honored artist of Russia, laureate of International competitions of ballet dancers ELENA KNYAZKOVA (Moscow), the Premier ballet Saransk state musical theatre of Opera and ballet. I. Yausheva, honored artist of Russia DENIS VLADIMIROV, Intern at the Mariinsky theatre ELENA SINICHKINA (St. Petersburg).

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