Top 10 facts about Brazilian carnival

A cherished dream of unsurpassed Ostap Bender was this city. To visit Rio de Janeiro’s dream and many other travel lovers. Someone beckons local flavor and unique nature, some of them want to see the homeland of fantastic players, but a major tourist lure of this city for more than a century is the famous carnival. This Grand-scale entertainment and shows thousands of people painstakingly prepare for a whole year. Look behind the scenes of the legendary festival will help 10 facts about Brazilian carnival.

10. It’s a start

Most often Brazilian carnival is held in late February or early March of each year. But the exact date is directly related to the celebration of Easter. This colorful action always begins exactly 40 days before one of the greatest holidays of all Christians. The fact that the carnival symbolizes the sweeping renunciation of pleasures during lent. Thus, enchanting carnival have a close relative to our carnival. The carnival lasts for four days, which means that from Saturday to Tuesday life in Rio de Janeiro, completely subject to his rules. The carnival begins with the ceremonial transfer of gold keys to the city. So the mayor symbolically transfers the power into the hands of the king of carnival, a fictional character nicknamed Momo. The usual life of the city now pulsates in the rhythm of Samba, when merrymaking in the streets is not going down all day.

9. The participants of the carnival

In 1840 in Rio de Janeiro hosted the first large-scale costume ball, and he became the forerunner to the annual festival. In 1916 for the carnival was created by the famous Samba, and in 1928 in the city appeared first school taught this dance. Today carnival is primarily a competition of the best dancing schools. Just a carnival involved 12 of them. And the fun at the carnival can be observed after sunset. In one night, and the shows start at 9 p.m. and last until dawn, manages to make 3-4 schools. The presentation has no more than 82 minutes, otherwise the team loses points. Show each school is subject to a specific topic, which is implemented by means of the grandiose decorations and dancing parties. At the same time in the speech involved from 3 to 5 thousand people and 5-8 cars. By the way, to take part in the procession can be anyone, if you pay$ 600 and will get the appropriate suit.

8. The sambadrome is the heart of carnival

6. What to wear?

4.Champions carnival

The winner of the carnival on television in a live broadcast identifies a group of 40 judges. The entire team is evaluated on 10 key parameters, each of which is carefully studying 4 a narrow specialist. So, for the victory is important not only gorgeous scenery and incredible costumes, but also the rhythm of percussion, harmony singing, dancing and music, the disclosure of the basic idea of the show, as well as overall consistency of all participants. But the real stars of the carnival are the so-called bearers. Every one of these girls is headed by the performance of his team, and, of course, makes Brazilian carnival even brighter and more spectacular.

3. Discard modesty

Regarding the appearance of the participants shocking facts carnival was revealed to the public a few times. In 1976, for the first time at the carnival dancers bared Breasts. It was a real revolution costume. And just recently the already sleek outfit tried to reduce to shoes and pompous headgear. Instead of clothing the bodies of the participants were covered with body art. But this innovation has not caught on, largely due to the fact that among the spectators is always a lot of children and adolescents. And recently in the Brazilian carnival, there is a rule prohibiting participants fully naked, even if their body while tightly covered by decorative painting. In the deny section, however, was not a word about the size of the bikini, designers suits increasingly put to the minimalism.

2. Why carnival package?

Another juicy fact is associated with a complex design of the costumes. The fact that some of them are very bulky, and the height can reach up to 5 meters. And the other parts is often just stick to human skin. Expect its release in the clothing of the artist maybe a few hours. And all this time, the participants do not have the opportunity to go to the bathroom. In order to solve this problem, each participant is given a disposable plastic bag triangular shape, and is a short instruction on its use.

1. Connoisseurs


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