Top 10 best festivals in Russia

The festival is an interesting event, which usually attracts thousands of participants and spectators. What are the most popular festivals in Russia?

“Invasion”. This name, perhaps, heard it all. And some even lucky enough to participate in this Grand event. “Invasion” is a festival of multi-genre and multi-genre music under the open sky. It is held since 1999, and since 2004 is arranged in the Tver region, in the village of Emmaus. Usually this legendary event occurs in summer and lasts about 2-4 days. The number of spectators exceeds 100 and sometimes 150 thousand people. Here come both the most popular and emerging artists.

Grushinsky festival is one of the oldest events of Russia, which ran from 1968 near Samara (or to be more precise, on Fedorovsky meadows in Togliatti). And named this festival of author’s song (its full name – the national festival of author’s song of a name of Valery Grushin”) in honor of an ordinary student of Valery Grushin, who was killed during a camping trip, rescuing drowning in the river Haibara children. Since then the event each year, thousands of lovers of art song, as well as talented authors, both from Russia and from countries of the near abroad. And in 2010 was set the real record. Then came to the festival 210 thousand people. After many trials regarding trademark rights in 2014 year, the place of meeting was changed. And now the event will be held on Mastrokosta lakes.

“Kinotavr” — this is an open Russian film festival. But his main goal is not to evaluate and discuss the famous films in wide theatrical release, but to give way to young budding filmmakers and show the world the so-called “nakoplennoy” movie, which was not released, but, nevertheless, deserve attention. Originally appeared exclusively Russian, but since 2011 the program can log any pictures, but in Russian. For the first time “Kinotavr” was held in 1990 in the Moscow region town of Podolsk. And after a successful start, the venue was moved to Sochi, and since then every year a festival is held there.

Moscow international film festival is second in importance and age after the event “Venice film festival”. It started in 1935, but was for a time forgotten. But in 1959, the event was revived. Today the President of the festival Nikita Mikhalkov, and the event is held annually. The program includes several categories: main course (shown full-length movies), “Free thought” (documentary competition), and “Perspectives”, which involves experimental or debut creations of young and emerging talents.

“Wild mint” — is a spectacular festival, held annually since 2008. And it’s not just popular music event, which, incidentally, is among the three most popular and in the top five in Russia. It will not only in adults but also in children, because the program is diverse and incredibly interesting. First, each year the festival come popular performers, and of different genres. Secondly, organized a colorful theatrical performances and a brilliant show. Third, the “wild mint” is famous for its night screenings under the open sky. Fourthly, variety and children’s program, which includes stories, workshops and so on. And fifthly, it is possible to try interesting dishes and purchase unique handmade items.

“Snickers Urbania” — youth festival of street culture, which was first held in 2001. The name associated with modern urban interaction and people. Today, the program includes almost all the existing so-called street culture: freestyle, breakdance, graffiti, beatboxing, extreme sports (parkour, roller sports, stunts on bikes and skateboards), and so on. The main goal of the organization is to give a chance to young talents to show themselves, to Express themselves and achieve something more. Is this a Grand event today in many major Russian cities. It is divided into disciplines, and each of them in specially equipped areas arranged competitions. In addition, the program includes and various competitions.

“Sensation” — this is the annual festival of electronic dance music, which draws crowds of young people. Actually, initially it was only held in Amsterdam, but since 2005, took the baton and some other countries, such as Latvia, Russia, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Australia, Ukraine, Brazil, Romania, and others. In Russia, the festival is held in the Northern capital – St. Petersburg. By the way, there is a certain dress code. So, all participants must be dressed in white, and it gives the event a special flair. But every year, the organizers bring in something new. For example, in 2009, organized the production of “the Tree of love”, which spent about 10 million euros. And in 2010 during the festival worked 28 fountains, jets of whom were beaten up. In 2011, all participants seeded orange, green, and yellow gloves which shone in neon rays.

“Dobrofest” — it is a festival of entertainment and music genres such as alternative, rock and hip-hop. It is held in the summer under the Russian city of Yaroslavl on the aerodrome “Levovo”. For the first time this event was held in 2010. And in 2013 it ranked third among the best youth events. In 2010 the festival was held from 6 to 8 August, and was included in the program of the celebration of the 1000th anniversary of the city. Then the participants were able to rate the amusement Park, to visit the exhibition, to see architectural installations, and pop into a cinema under the open sky. In addition, on the sports field competitions were held in volleyball and beach soccer.

“MAXIDROM” — festival of rock music, which takes place annually in Russia since 1995 and collects both domestic and foreign stars. During the existence on stage managed to make such celebrities as Zemfira, a Dolphin, “Bi-2”, “Bravo”, “Chaif”, “spleen”, “Dancing Minus”, “Night snipers”, “Okean Elzy”, Zhanna Aguzarova, “Semantic hallucinations”, Mumiy Troll, “Alice”, “Agatha Christie”, “the Moral code”, “the time Machine” and so on. Organizer – radio “High”. By the way, since 2003, the festival is international, so him coming star and spectators from different countries.

“A-ZOV” — this is the most “young” festival of Russia, but he has already become incredibly popular. It was first held in 2011. And then gathered about 5 thousand participants from different cities of Russia. The meeting place was spit a Long Azov sea, and from 2014 the festival is held in Dolzhanskaya village, located near the recreation center “Salut”. Now the most important thing, that is, about the purpose of the event. It is arranged for those who love dance music, beach and the sea recreation and extreme sports. The program usually includes performances by these gurus such directions as paragliding, aquabiking, wind surfing, wakeboarding. kiteboarding, and so forth. But the event can not only be happy for others, but also to participate in master classes for some sports. And the very best will be able to participate in competitions in skating, bike trial, parkour, skateboarding and so on. In General, it’s very fun!

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