The Most famous flower festivals in the world.

The most famous flower festivals in the world! Flower festivals are held worldwide each year is a true celebration of flowers, collecting a huge number of spectators and participants. 10 most popular festivals from different parts of the world.

1. The bloemencorso is the most ambitious and grandiose flower show in Europe. Translated from the Dutch language the word means — the Flower parade. The bloemencorso takes place in early September, in his first Sunday in many cities in the Netherlands and Belgium. Especially for this show created a huge platform with quaint figures of flowers that roam the streets and delight its audience

2. The battle of flowers in Jersey. The annual carnival, held in Jersey on the second Thursday of August. There is always a lot of music, fairs, dances and of course, flowers. Ends all this floral riot a large fireworks

3. The flower parade in Spalding, UK

This flower festival was founded in 1935 as the celebration of the jubilee of king George V and Queen Mary. Initially it was used only tulips that were in abundance at the time. In subsequent years, the interest in this event has increased significantly, and the festival lasted for a week. They organized a special 25-kilometre walk and tour, showcasing the beauty of tulips in the fields of the best producers

4. Festival Of Genzano Infiorata

Annually, in June, local artists cover the whole street Belardo amazing carpet of flowers. For more than two centuries since 1778 it is an amazing expression of art is proud to artists Genzano. Masters are given a specific theme to work with, for example, the paintings of Michelangelo or projects Bernini. Carpet of flowers is pleasing to the eye for several days, after which it destroys local pupils, which is also a tradition and part of the ritual

5.The Brussels flower carpet is a special event, which takes place every two years. Ogromny carpet of flowers spread on the main square of Brussels in front of the municipality. The festivities begin on the evening of 12 August, and the flowers themselves available to viewers until August 15

the building of the municipality. The festivities begin on the evening of 12 August, and the flowers themselves available to viewers until August 15

6. Batalha de Flores in Valencia

The festival begins in the lush parade of huge platforms of unusual shape, decorated with all sorts of flowers. Once these platforms have done a few laps, spectators and participants begin to pelt each other with flowers and begins the so-called the battle of flowers, for which organized the parade. The girls are even allowed to use a tennis racket to defend against attacks

racket to defend against attacks

7. Battaglia di Fiori in Milan

This floral battle is held every two years in the Italian town of Ventimiglia. This festival is a celebration of spring. All communities of the city compete to create the most colorful platform, which will be assessed by the audience during the festival. The platform is almost entirely made of flowers and each of them can take up to 80 000 flowers

8. Festival of flowers in Medellin, Colombia

This world famous festival includes many different celebrations. The first festival was held on 1 may 1957 and lasted 5 days. This parade symbolizes the abolition of slavery, when, instead of color, people wore on their backs heavy loads

9. The rose parade in Pasadena

The first rose parade in Pasadena was held January 1, 1890, as part of new year celebrations and has since become a tradition. Annually it is visited by hundreds of thousands of spectators, and the parade is demonstrated on many television channels in the U.S.

10. Flower festival Chiang Mai

The flower festival in Chiang Mai is held on the first weekend of February. At this time of the year flowers of all public places bloom and fragrance. Everywhere you can see thousands of white and yellow chrysanthemums and damask rose, pink and purple orchids and many other flowers. The center of the festival is the city garden in the South-Western part of the city


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