The Concept of the carnival, known carnivals in the world

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Not less impressive illuminated carnival procession. Every evening 150,000 lamps illuminate the city center and place Massena. On the square, raise many of the stands, and the house is close giant painted mural. At certain times from the street begins with a colorful procession of tuples with “huge heads” – so called traditional carnival figures, which are ceremonially “seated” on the tuples.

Heads the procession is always a huge figure of the King of carnival, and each tuple in one way or another play on the theme of the holiday. To observe this amazing spectacle, you will have to pay 20 euros for a seat on the podium or 10 for standing. Free allowed children up to eight years, and marchers in the presence of carnival costumes.

It would be nice to stock up a carnival “props”: “good tone” of the French carnival is to spray the “middle” from head to toe foam spray and sprinkle all counter confetti.

Traditional spectacular end of the festival – the burning of the doll of the king of the festival on the water in the Bay of Angels.

7.The carnival in Basel

Once a year, staid Swiss Basel becomes the centre of the most fun and the most noisy carnival of Europe, a tradition which dates back to the XIV century. Basel, Fasnacht is a carnival-survivor. Preparing the members of the carnival societies are in a few weeks: sewn dazzling costumes and stunning masks.

To participate in the legendary Basel carnival member-only carnival groups, upon the Committee of the celebration of its intention to act.

Spectators are welcome, but they must follow the rules that are in writing are communicated to each Director who agreed to appear on the streets of Basel on Monday before lent, with 4 hours mouth until dawn.

Bright carnival in Basel opens early in the morning under the deafening sounds of numerous wind and percussion instruments, when none of the darkness of night time flash lights of different shapes, and a colorful procession in colorful, highly original costumes starts moving through the streets of the old Basel under the bravura accompaniment of flutes and drums.

The procession continues until dawn. The participants of the procession go to eat in pubs: onion pie with cheese, flour soup, mulled wine and the most simple cookies, menu variety will not name, and refined.

In the afternoon many fabulous (and not only!) the characters to the sounds of the same shock-brass band pass, rides on horse-drawn carriages on city streets, throwing into the crowd confetti, fruit, flowers, Souvenirs and flyers whose content is not always politically correct, is, of course, is allowed in Switzerland only at the time of the Basel carnival.

If you are familiar with the Basel German dialect, the content of these leaflets will become clear to you. And if no, alas, the humor will remain unknown.

Another costume party will be held on Wednesday, and on Tuesday held a competition among the best musicians in the “forger” of the melody. In addition, the Tuesday carnival children’s day: a walk around the city in fancy costumes children.

The carnival in Basel lasts three days and ends just as it began, in the early morning of Thursday. The finale of the carnival – a farewell March. It sounds fun and sad, giving hope that next year the carnival will return to us again and among the dull of winter will bring many pleasant and happy hours.

8.The carnival in Tenerife

Carnival in the Canary Islands originates from the time of colonization by Spain when the conquistadors to the Islands began to penetrate and cultural traditions from the continent. In 1638 Philip IV and all his court participated in a mock wedding in which nobles were dressed as women, the king himself in a servant, and the Queen in a working commoner.

Ordinary people, not burdened with a loud titles, also participated in the carnival: hiding behind masks and portraying their masters they were making fun of something in everyday life have had to put up.

The change of roles, to know when was clothed in the garments of the servants, the servants in the attire of the hosts, men become women and women men – carnival tradition, came from the Roman Empire.

To this day one of the basic principles of the carnival in Tenerife is complete freedom from all customs and rules of conduct, mandatory in the remaining 355 days of the year.

Carnival has survived and blossoms, and persecution. After the civil war in Spain, the word “carnival” was officially banned until 1976 And after four years, the carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife has received the status of international event.

Today the carnival in Tenerife is the biggest in Europe and second in the world after the famous Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro. But if the carnival in Rio was heard, probably all, of not less bright celebration of life in Tenerife our compatriots, unfortunately, beginning to know just now.

The main event of the carnival in Tenerife:

Traditionally, the carnival begins with the election of the Queen: this is one of the key events of the holiday. Carnival Queen – a kind of symbol around which unfolds further action.

During the year (or rather, since the end of the last carnival) numerous firms, public and commercial organizations of the island were busy looking for a suitable candidate that will represent them at the carnival.

And entire teams of designers, designers and seamstresses months has designed and produced the most fantastic costumes, which should be not only bright and original, but also conform to the declared topic of the upcoming carnival.

Pretender to the title of the Queen – the most beautiful, charming I. hardy girls Tenerife: the weight of some fancy dress costumes can reach tens of kilos!

Parade – the next stage of the carnival, when the party spills out into the streets of the city, and they are filled with unrestrained joy of tens of thousands of multi-colored masks, incredible costumes, music and dancing rhythmically moving procession: many begin to dance in the evening and stay till daylight!

However, despite the scale of what is happening, the parade is only a “rehearsal” of the main event of the carnival.

The parade 1987 was listed in the “Guinness world records”: simultaneously 240,000 been dancing all night on the streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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