The brightest festivals of summer

Half of the summer is behind us, but this year something like warm time of the year will never end. And may be it is not necessary to adjust the fall, because after a harsh winter, nature provides us with the opportunity to enjoy these hot and Sunny days. So let’s think positively, enjoy the warmth, but also to plan a vacation where in such a short period of time you can live a full life. That way at least people have a rest,

visit gorgeous colorful festivals this year. Some of them we want to tell You today.

Many travelers know how great it is to get into the country at precisely the time when it is preparing for the holiday. Tourists automatically imbued with the spirit of the occasion, and get a lot of pleasure, by taking part in the festival. And even if You haven’t managed to visit a colorful event, do not worry, we will tell You about everything in detail.

The mud festival in taisen-ri

On July 17, the South Korean town, opened the annual Boryeong mud festival. It will run until July 25, and these days anyone can put that in the mud on the ears.

The Committee on the organization of the festival has decided to postpone its opening from the second Saturday of July, the third in order to avoid the peak of the rainy season and the venue of the festival was changed from the square Top on a Mud area, located in the center of the beach.

The main events will be added, such as “mud self-massage”, Mob-sin (Mob-scene), the competition dummies out of the mud, and many others. Only during the festival will be held 55 events, including 22 of the action, which will be able to participate themselves tourists, 16th street events and parades, 10 concerts and performances of b-boys and more.

In addition, festival goers will be able to participate in a fun “Bottom mud,” look at the photo exhibition, dedicated to the festival and even take a few lessons in “School dirt”.

14th Berlin beer festival

“What Russian well, the German death” – didn’t work here. Because beer I love to drink both Russians and the Germans and the Japanese, the Dutch, the French and, of course, the Americans.

So don’t be surprised when you see a bunch of drunken representatives of different nationalities in one place.

This year the festival will be held from 6 to 8 August in the centre of Berlin. 14 times on city streets will be paved so-called “beer mile” through which guests can sample beer from more than 300 Breweries from almost all countries of the world!

This great tasting outdoors stretch over several kilometers in the district of Fridrichein/Kreuzberg. Be accompanied by the universal enjoyment of the beer will be music, dancing and always good mood!

Fireworks festival “Silver boat” in Kostroma

The real explosion in the sky awaits the inhabitants of Kostroma this summer. In the framework of the festive events dedicated to the 66th anniversary of Kostroma oblast (reconstruction of the Kostroma province), as well as the Day of the city of Kostroma and the 65th anniversary of the great Victory on 14 August at 22.00 in Kostroma will begin the 5th international fireworks festival “Silver boat”.

This evening the best pyrotechnics from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kostroma, Saratov, Syktyvkar will arrive in Kostroma, to demonstrate the latest achievements in the field of pyrotechnic art. It is also expected the participation of the best pyrotechnic teams from the Czech Republic, laureate of the fireworks festival in Karlovy vary.

Within the hour the sky over the river will be illuminated with myriads of bright lights, sun salutes, and the music will add a special flavor to the perception of colorful performances. Embankment of the Volga river will turn into a huge auditorium, and the Volga in the scene, which will be a fantastic move.

Note that every year thousands of tourists come to Kostroma for fireworks, “Silver boat” to enjoy unprecedented fiery musical play. So hurry up to be among those lucky ones, because such salutes every day have not been observed.

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