The Best music festivals in the world

In honor of world music day, celebrated on 1 October, we have compiled a list of the greatest festivals that you should visit at least once in your life, whether you are a fan of jazz, rock, alternative or electronic music.

Pukkelpop, Belgium

In a tiny Belgian town Kiewit, hidden in the outskirts of Hasselt, does not have its own airport. But this is a minor annoyance – not a hindrance for hundreds of thousands of music fans flocking to the annual Pukkelpop. A Grand open air, with its roots back in 1985, was created on the initiative of the youth organisation Humanistic Youth of Leopoldsburg. In just a few years guys, hardly naskrebla money to a number of avant-garde artist Anne Clark, became millionaires, and organized their holiday music is one of the most famous in Europe. Pukkelpop specializing in alternative compositions, lasts three days in August and attracts more than 150 thousand listeners. Despite two consecutive years of tent city were the victim of ruthless elements, the interest in the celebration of music is not quenched. This year eight of its scenes were Ella Eyre, Calvin Harris and GTA, and the next festival, scheduled for 20-22 August promises to please the melodies Sweethead, Glass Animals and The Neighbourhood.

Sensation, The Netherlands

“The most important dance music event on the planet” – describe Sensation connoisseurs of electronic music. Until 2005 the festival, organized by the P-Man and Dangerous Dave with the assistance of ID&T, was conducted only on the magnificent “Amsterdam-arena”. Although the debut of Sensation in 2000 was, as usual, lumpy, collecting far fewer guests than expected, good marketing has done its job. Shitrow that tickets to the coolest music event of the planet coming to an end, the organizers have made the present furor. Very soon the company dance Sensation Black trance Sensation White joined International Sensation. Now the festival migrates around the world: January 31 this year, he pleased with Thailand, and June 7 – Russia. October 31, dance-event will fill the drive to Dubai, 8 November will look in Monterrey, and 29 will force to dance Toronto. Sensation manifesting your wildest dreams clubbers: megawatts great sound, fashion songs, energetic live shows and an incredible drive.

Love Parade, Germany

In 1989, the festival dedicated to electronic music fans, Matthias Rainham, visited a total of 150 people. Ten years later, to the “Republic of love”, except to love each other, life and music, was joined by half a million. Dozens of trucks filled with Ravers, hit the road from the Brandenburg gate to the victory Monument. Around free reign mores – dressed and undressed, painted in all colors of the rainbow people walking from morning till night, enjoying the rhythms of house, techno, electro-pop and drum’n’bass. The holiday of love is never without excitement, for example, in 2007 the world’s largest techno parade decided to add sexuality to the image of the police, proposing to put the servants of the law in tight pants and bright shirts. The triumph of music regularly accompanied by mass fights, political demonstrations and damage to municipal property. After in 2010 brawl that broke out during the festival, led to tragic consequences, the Love Parade is a bit quiet, but still remains the most colorful event in Germany.

The story of how four young Yankee, intending to found in the backwoods of a community for musicians, gave the world the Woodstock, knows both old and young alike. “The strongest orgasm hip culture, which became her agony”, describing the greatest rock festival of all time his biographers. For three days in August 1969 was born, floundering in the hands of 500 thousand invited and uninvited “midwives” and a thousand journalists, the sexual revolution. The small town of Woodstock, located in the County of Ulster, was not ready for such an unprecedented influx of visitors: Central and country roads were Packed to capacity. Casting machine, audiophiles, buried in mud, making his way to the field, where it has been moved to the long-awaited festival. Three deaths and 200 thousand children were the result of a Grand party, where she performed Jimi Hendrix, The Who and Janis Joplin. In memory of the great event was filmed, and in honor of its anniversary, held commemorative festivals. Although the concert dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the festival did not take place, Michael lang promises: the 50-year anniversary, coming in 2019, will be able to Eclipse the glory of Woodstock.

International jazz festival, Montreal

In 1980, Alain Simard and Andre Menard, suffering from summer boredom, appealed to the Federal government of Canada in the hope of financing in the first Montreal jazz festival. The venture, organized as a joke, ended with resounding success. For a debut, which gathered 12 thousand spectators, was followed by many successful performances. The organizers of the international jazz festival, convinced that he who does not risk, does not drink champagne, gave the world Colin James and the Winton Marsalis. Over the decade to 20 of the main scenes of the event is 500 concert performances and resting two million viewers. The Montreal festival, landed in the Guinness Book of records as the most visited holiday music in the world, skillfully demonstrates its advantages: original music and magic of the canadian species. The rhythms of jazz sound not only with huge grounds: they wrap cozy cafes and picturesque corners of the old town.

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