Summer Festival at Epidaurus

For more than 40 years of Hellenic festival turns to the themes of the Greek classics in the stunning performances on the stage of the ancient theatre of Epidaurus. Although most performances are in Greek, the viewing experience is absolutely not spoil.

What is remarkable

Visit Epidaurus should plan even if You are not a seasoned theatergoer because it’s one of the best preserved from ancient period sites in Greece. It is noteworthy that for a long time the Theatre was hidden from human eyes, and its discovery was almost accidental. In 1954, the structure was restored, and more than 40 years, the stage is being used for its intended purpose as 2500 years ago.

Usually in tourist guides, the Theatre occupies a Central place and is mentioned mostly because of its unique acoustics. I visited there twice and both times I never ceased to wonder at the engineering knowledge needed to possess in the IV century BC to detail to work out the sound issue. The theatre seats up to 14 000 spectators and has 55 rows for the audience, but because, as You know, he’s not small. However, even if the actors perform without microphones, long rostrum absolutely no feeling of discomfort is the excellent audibility.

Natural scene back at Epidaurus is nature itself

But acoustics — is far from the only highlight of the theatre. The natural backdrop of the scene is nature itself, and from the top row (the height of which is about 8-9 floors of a modern house) offers stunning views of the surrounding area. And if you happen to buy tickets for the performance, then, believe me, the back rows because of view did not lose the front. What about the scorching sun? Don’t worry, the shows start after 9 PM, and at this time the heat is gone. In addition, the Theater itself stands in the middle of thick pine forests, and therefore even if You are here during the day, to hide from the heat will be where.

In Ancient times the city was famous for the sanctuary of Asklepios

But that’s not all. In addition to theatre at Epidaurus also has other attractions. In ancient times the city was famous not primarily theatre and the adjacent sanctuary of Asclepius. The son of Apollo and the pupil of the centaur Chiron, Asclepius succeeded in doctoring, he was even credited with the ability to raise the dead. The power of Asclepius, which arose due to his skill was so great that Zeus just in case struck him with lightning.

Numerous monuments tell of the former greatness of the city

This is only a Myth, but at Epidaurus there are many traces of the former glory of this medical places, including a Museum with a rich collection of medical instruments of the time, the remains of the stadium and round the dome of polykleitos – architect of the theatre – the application of which is still did not find clear answers.

The poster of the festival

You could specify the program of activities in relation to the dates of Your trip. However, performances at the Bolshoi and Maly theatres of Epidaurus, generally — the most interesting part of the Festival. Another location that is worth a visit for art lovers – theatre geroda Attica on the Acropolis .

In addition to these the most famous venue of the festival actively involved and others. So, the performances also take place on the stages of the Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall), Cultural center of Onassis, the National theatre of Greece, the Archaeological Museum (Athens) and the Museum of Cycladic Art, etc.

On the stage of Epidaurus put basically pieces of ancient authors


The price of tickets for the performance range from 10 to 50 euros depending on the site and at selected locations. Also there is a scale of discounts, including for students.

You can purchase tickets directly before the performance at the box office at Epidaurus (Fridays and Saturdays open until 21.30) and advance in Athens on Panepistimiou street address, 39 (Pesmazoglou Arcade) at the booth of the festival.

How to visit

If Your goal is a visit to the view, then immediately take note that the theatrical days at Epidaurus are Friday and Saturday, and performances start after 9pm. Well, if Your hotel is somewhere nearby, say in Nafplio, and You can get to Epidaurus regular bus. However, what if You are in Athens?

The easiest way is to buy a tour. In Athens summer they are offered almost on every corner. Another way is to take a special bus. For the summer season Greek bus operator KTEL Argolidas in the theater organizes special days flights departing from Athens at 17:00 (2015) and returning to the capital after the presentation.

The theatre is easy to combine with a trip to Nafplio — the first capital of Greece

The ticket price for the bus at both ends – 20 euros, travel time – about 2 hours. The routes go from the Terminal A, where you can learn and all additional details. To find out how to get to the bus station, please see the bus Schedule from Athens .

To purchase tickets to this special bus trip in Athens at the following addresses:

Terminal A. Kifissou str., 100 Sokratous 59. The Omonia, Piraeus, «First choice travel», Astiggos 2-4, Karaiskaki square

The third option is to get a scheduled route to Nafplio (we wrote about it here ) and take the bus there. The journey from Nafplion takes about 45 minutes. The cost of the return ticket is 6 euros. Departure time from Nafplio – 19.30. In this embodiment, the main thing is to plan in advance your return.

If You are vacationing in another city of Argolis, direct buses to shows can and go from there. The details on the page KTEL Argolis here .

When planning a trip to the presentation in the Little theatre of the ticket should also buy a bus departing from Athens in Palea Epidavros at 17.00. Please note that the return bus after the representation is not provided.

And yet. If You still decide independently to go to shows, don’t bother returning to Athens after his graduation. Much more reasonably may be to book overnight hotel in one of the towns or villages in the vicinity of the theater (Epidaurus, Nafplio, Tolo) and stayed the night, next day to be devoted to the study of Nafplion and Mycenae. Both places are definitely worth to go there.


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