Strike at the winter carnival!

Despite all the vagaries of weather, the show must go on

LAST week of winter in many parts of the world is coloured by the bright colors of the carnival – the fun, boisterous and loud holiday of the year. Although parades and festivities are held in many cities around the world, the most famous Venetian carnival, carnivals of Brazil, “the Mardi Grae” in New Orleans and “women’s carnival” in Cologne.


Today more attention is drawn to the carnival in New Orleans – “the Mardi Grae”. Despite the fact that in September last year, a large part of the city was destroyed struck the U.S. by hurricane Katrina. which claimed the lives of over a thousand people, the city government decided to cancel the traditional festivities.

According to bi-Bi-si, to hurricane Katrina in New Orleans annually gathered to stare at balls, masquerades and parades around a million people, they brought the city to a billion dollars. This year for the number of guests no one hopes, though, because visitors simply nowhere to place it. Before the hurricane in New Orleans hotels was 38 thousand beds. Now there are 25 thousand, and most of them are nonresident workers or locals, which Katrina left homeless. And the number of flights to new Orleans after the hurricane was reduced dramatically. Nevertheless, newspaper routes appear festive marches and schedule of events that take place in different parts of the city. That carnival traditions alive, is the fact that on the eve of the holiday in New Orleans was attended by representatives of the press, and all available rooms in hotels, according to the organizers, reserved guests of the city.Participants are asked to be careful, because as a result of the hurricane in the city there are not so many doctors and policemen.


Venetian carnival theme this year is “the Dragon and the lion” (it’s all about connections the ancient Republic of China since the time of Marco Polo to the present day), began with the flight of the “angel” above the Piazza San Marco. For several years instead of a wooden doll, glued white feathers, as was customary in the middle ages, jump on San Marco makes the athlete. This time from the top of the bell tower of St. Mark to the gate of the Ducal Palace using a system of pulleys and ropes flew Italian Sprinter 200 meters Manuela Levorato. She lit the lights of the carnival all week which pleases its guests with balls, festivals, music programs and shows. Unlike other Venetian carnival fully covers the entire city – multi-colored festive crowd fills the narrow streets and small Campo ( square). The city authorities decided to arrange a holiday for children, there are shows and rides on the narrow Venetian streets and Piazza San Marco, for adults – Grand balls in historical palaces. And the end it fun on the last day of February of the burning of the straw effigy of Winter. The only drawback of the festivities in Venice and on other days crowded with tourists, and during the carnival in the city of Apple fall nowhere.


The capital of the Brazilian carnival, of course, Rio de Janeiro. The celebration traditionally begins with the “official part” – the symbolic transfer of the keys of the city mayor “king of carnival”. which for four days and four nights becomes the full owner of the city and shall be empowered to promulgate and repeal any laws. After that all Brazil is immersed in a noisy, bright and cheerful holiday in the rhythm of Samba. This year’s Brazilian carnival began on 25 February, at the height of the Brazilian summer, and he will end the parade of winners on March 4. Breaking news current celebrations: first, as promised by the local Ministry of health, during the upcoming carnival in Brazil will be distributed free of 25 million condoms. (Distribution of contraceptives is part of the programme of fight against AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. ) And secondly, on the eve of the carnival in Rio on Copacabana beach hosted a free concert of group “Rollingstones”. which gathered more than a million people.


And separately – about carnival in Germany, the center of the celebration which is Cologne. By itself this holiday, maybe not as bright as in Italy and Brazil, but one day preternaturally Thursday is to tell about it. Thursday is known in Germany as “Women’s carnival”. as of the beginning which women according to ancient tradition burst into city hall and take the keys to the city.

On this day all women’s needs should be met. They can invite men to a pint of beer, a glass of something strong, to dance and do not know of a refusal. Thursday women can joke about men who play them and always go unpunished. And men in this day carefully dressed – if a woman does not like how the man looks, she can, without hesitating for a second, and cut off the dangling tie or untied Shoe-lace. And to do so free not only his own wife, but also just a girl walking towards the street.

From the eighteenth century, when the custom was introduced of the Cologne market traders, men have nothing to do with it. “Victims” of women’s outrage on this day, according to the Institute of German economy in Cologne, be at least 200 thousand ties. However, most of their owners morning the foresight to wear old ties and often provoke the weaker sex on a ceremony.



From February 27 to March 5, Muscovites will sit on the pancake diet: the reason for this significant and joyful – a Carnival. The one that according to the pagan rites must banish the winter and to urge the spring. For early warming Muscovites, exhausted by the unprecedented cold weather, ready that week I eat some pancakes, especially because it’s difficult treat, and the ancient symbol of the Sun. The case for small: to find out where in the city festive celebrations, so the entire week, not to sit at Tiffany’s on pancakes.

The main celebration of the end of winter is traditionally held on Vasilevsky descent. There with 16. 00 to 21. 00 will work the pancake town with rides, treats, pancakes with various fillings and propecai and fair of folk crafts are guaranteed to everyone who came. As found by the correspondent of “RG”. this year the biggest surprise will be a competition between the Russian and Ukrainian cooks at the speed of pancakes. Moreover, the organizers have stipulated that this Russian-Ukrainian competition there is no political motive: just holiday grows. Last year to celebrate pancake day on Red square came over 200 thousand people. This year expect about the same number of fans to see off winter with a scope.

On March 5, on forgiveness Sunday, 15. 00 to 17. 00 from the triumphal square to Vasilevsky descent will hold a festive procession with representatives from different cities of Russia and CIS. In national costumes singing and dancing procession will pass through the main streets of the capital.

17. 15 to 18. 00 on Vasilevsky descent will be a folk concert, and 18. 20 to 21. 30 – gala concert “Russian songs” featuring teams of the “upper Room”. “Cibitoke”. “Live Rus”. “Slavic path”. “Rossa” and the artists of the Russian stage. And the final ceremony – the burning of the effigy of carnival – will take place on 21. 30. Those who are late, will be able to enjoy the spectacle of fireworks at 22. 00.


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