Top 10 facts about Brazilian carnival

A cherished dream of unsurpassed Ostap Bender was this city. To visit Rio de Janeiro’s dream and many other travel lovers. Someone beckons local flavor and unique nature, some of them want to see the homeland of fantastic players, but a major tourist lure of this city for more than a century is the famous carnival. This Grand-scale entertainment and shows thousands of people painstakingly prepare for a whole year. Look behind the scenes of the legendary festival will help 10 facts about Brazilian carnival.

10. It’s a start

Most often Brazilian carnival is held in late February or early March of each year. But the exact date is directly related to the celebration of Easter. This colorful action always begins exactly 40 days before one of the greatest holidays of all Christians. The fact that the carnival symbolizes the sweeping renunciation of pleasures during lent. Thus, enchanting carnival have a close relative to our carnival. The carnival lasts for four days, which means that from Saturday to Tuesday life in Rio de Janeiro, completely subject to his rules. The carnival begins with the ceremonial transfer of gold keys to the city. So the mayor symbolically transfers the power into the hands of the king of carnival, a fictional character nicknamed Momo. The usual life of the city now pulsates in the rhythm of Samba, when merrymaking in the streets is not going Continue reading

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Beer festival “Oktoberfest”, Munich, the last week of September – the first week of October.

Every autumn a huge beer tents are set on the Theresienwiese meadow and begin 16 days of merry feasting. In fact, Oktoberfest – the largest annual festival in the world. Large tents and tents can accommodate up to 6,000 beer lovers, establish their restaurants or owners of city bars. Each tent has its own special atmosphere.

The waiters quickly bypass the crowd with circles so that people begin to quench your thirst and didn’t stop until 7 October. Of course, in addition to beer there are a lot of things: dining, fun, shows, dances, shooting ranges, puppet theatres, circuses, tent, mini-cars and the carousel. During the festival, drink about 6 million liters of beer, consumed hundreds of thousands of chickens and sausages, hundreds of bulls, tens of thousands of pounds of fish and cheese.

In 1810 the Bavarian king Ludwig I married Teresa von Sachsenhausen and local people celebrated this event for 16 consecutive days. They had so much fun that they decided to repeat it next year. It lasted for almost two hundred years.

The carnival Continue reading

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Pagan roots of carnival

Winter festival and at the same time to meet the spring of most peoples. From ancient times it was dedicated to the day of the vernal equinox (March 20-21). Many peoples in this day begins a new year. Slavic holiday of Comodity historians date to the Neolithic times. In Babylon for 12 days were celebrations dedicated to the Sun God Marduk. In Egypt celebrated the fertility goddess ISIS, the Greek goddess Bark, Demeter, and Athena, in Rome for five days after the equinox celebrations were held in honor of the goddess Minerva. With the adoption of Christianity in Europe, the pagan holidays were filled with new content, keeping, however, many archaic features.

In pagan Russia pancake week, starting at the vernal equinox, was the heir of an older Slavic women Comodity associated with the cult leaked in the spring the bear and called from baked Komov from pea flour – prototypes pancakes later. Comoedia partially preserved in Belarus as part of Maslenitsa celebrations. Bear in Russia remains one of the important characters of festivities, however, yielding to the supremacy of the goddess of death and winter, Marin and to the sun God Yarila. As for the oil pancake is a symbol of the sun and of life, he became Continue reading

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