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The brightest festivals of summer

Half of the summer is behind us, but this year something like warm time of the year will never end. And may be it is not necessary to adjust the fall, because after a harsh winter, nature provides us with the opportunity to enjoy these hot and Sunny days. So let’s think positively, enjoy the warmth, but also to plan a vacation where in such a short period of time you can live a full life. That way at least people have a rest,

visit gorgeous colorful festivals this year. Some of them we want to tell You today.

Many travelers know how great it is to get into the country at precisely the time when it is preparing for the holiday. Tourists automatically imbued with the spirit of the occasion, and get a lot of pleasure, by taking part in the festival. And even if You haven’t managed to visit a colorful event, do not worry, we will tell You about everything in detail.

The mud festival in taisen-ri

On July 17, the South Korean town, opened the annual Boryeong mud festival. It will run until July 25, and these days anyone can put that in the mud on the ears.

The Committee on the organization of the festival has decided to postpone its opening from the second Saturday of July, the third in order to avoid the peak of the rainy season and the venue Continue reading

Festivals in Germany

In December and November in the streets of Germany, there are numerous Christmas markets, no matter in which city of Germany you are in. Christmas markets in every city. The most famous Christmas market is located in Munich. Christmas market in Germany.

The love parade in Germany or “Love Parade” is one of the most shocking and unique events on the planet. It is a celebration of love and the world-famous open-air disco. The love parade is the massive parade, which took place sometime in Germany. In this day attracts thousands of people from different countries to take part in a shocking event. The most interesting event of the love parade is a two-kilometer procession Ravers. Unusual procession passes under music in the style of trance, techno and house. Guests and residents of the cities of Germany, in the field of the parade besides occupy streets and squares, trees and lampposts.

Oktoberfest beer Festival in Munich or the Oktoberfest is listed in the Guinness book of Records as the most populous and long-running beer festival in the world. It takes place from late September to early October each year.

The ceremonial parade of the brewers beer festival in the Germany city Munich begins at 11 am. And opened by the town Continue reading

New year’s performances of the world

The new year is not far off. Will soon begin to beat the chimes, to shoot the cork of champagne, firing fireworks. It is our tradition. But how to celebrate the New year in other countries of the planet?

Events for the New year in a modern major city marked by brilliance and substantial costs. After all, the tone for the entire planet set is a colossal light show, which is held in the Australian capital city of Sydney. Festive new year’s fireworks this holiday is celebrated in Minsk, with whom celebrate other cities – London, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin.


The Belarusian capital starts New year celebration with procession of father frosts and snow maidens, held on December 25. The pageant has a lot of characters who gather in the Central part of Minsk. Traditionally, the procession begins from October square and moves to the sports Palace, where the unfolding Christmas markets.

The obelisk “Minsk – hero city” is a pyrotechnics show amazing beauty. Christmas festivities are also held at the complex “Chizhovka-arena”, near Kamarouski market, near the Palace of culture of railwaymen and other places (about 30 sites). Festive concert with Continue reading

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