Alone in Italy for carnival

Trip alone to Italy to better perform during the carnival. And to find the the travel time will be easy: carnivals in Italy are held at different times and in different cities. During the carnival will not be bored: everywhere there is joy in the air confetti flies. Costumes carnival participants unusual and colorful.

Let’s focus on the cities of Italy, where carnivals have become a tradition. Possibly yourself going to Italy . you will visit one of these holidays.

Acireale, Catania, Sicily

The best carnival in Sicily takes place in the town of Acireale, located right at the foot of mount Etna. Exciting trip will turn out to diversify a beach vacation, this Baroque town looks in the turquoise waters of the Ionian sea. The carnival in Acireale has a rich history, the first time the celebration took place in the 18th century. Over the years has accumulated vast experience carnival, the act becomes a great show. Following the Italian tradition. the participants of the carnival are clothed in allegorical outfits, ridiculing those in power. Thus, people try to draw the attention of celebrities and politicians on the discontent of the people. Earlier people dropped in participants vegetables and eggs, but today they were replaced with spray foam and paper confetti. The festival is a great atmosphere of joy and carefree fun.

Bagolino Lombardy

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Festivals in China

The international film festival in Shanghai

International film festival was born in 1993 in Shanghai. With a rich program, which includes more than 1,000 films from around the world, this festival is the largest international event in the country. The festival is a kind of competition, as the best movies get Jin Jue award for best actor, best actress, best musical score, directing, cinematography and others.

The prosperity of national cinema due to the production of new films in China. And now Chinese cinema can compete with European and even American. We can say that the international film festival in Shanghai did what seemed impossible just a few years ago, he opened a Chinese cinema way into a great movie. Every year in early summer, it is an international festival not only attracts many local film enthusiasts, but also international stars.

Meeting with great people.

Red carpet Grand opening of the 9th ceremony of the International film festival in Shanghai in 2006 was blinding number of world movie stars. The festival was attended by such actors as Catherine Deneuve (Catherine Deneuve), Natasha Richardson (Natasha Richardson), Edward Norton (Edward Norton), Andy Macdowel (Andie MacDowell), Jackie Continue reading

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