Beautiful carnivals of the world


(17 February – March 4)

Carnival in nice is the main winter event on the French Riviera – one of the three largest and oldest in the world of carnivals.

It’s two weeks of concerts, day and night parades of giant puppets, flower battles, when from huge baskets on the heads of spectators spilling millions of roses, ciclamino, Mimosa, violets and carnations.

Day carnival procession

On the first day of the celebration participants and spectators meet His Majesty the Carnival, and in the evening choose the Queen of the feast.

The procession of dolls always headed by the King of carnival is the height of the six-storey building. It carry on the large platform on which dance and make faces smaller dolls. And after platform sailing smoothly all the king’s men – “four-story” mermaids “storey” knights “storey” Harry Potter “storey” Snow white. Crawling dragons the size of a locomotive, swans, fish, bats. A Grand procession consists of more than twenty colorful platforms, surrounded by hundreds of huge masks; the procession is accompanied by dancers and musicians.

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Famous carnivals

Never know how to have fun, as in Cuba. Despite the fact that Cubans live by world standards very poor and socialism (and not Swedish socialism), they do not become discouraged, do not lose heart and not moping, but continue to go forward: someone to eternal communism, someone to a bright future, someone to his dream about freedom and democracy. But all together the Cubans are one big, very happy smile, kind eyes and an open heart.

I want to tell You about Cuban carnivals. They are not as famous as, say Brazilian carnival or the Venetian, but they exist and are not less interesting!

With my own eyes I saw only the modern carnival in Havana. In the memoirs excerpts: huge decorated platform, glowing from the many lights, the famous promenade of the Cuban capital, the Malecon, smelling of squid, and, of course, black the crowds. The feeling that you see something big, something that previously kept so close.

Despite the fact that Cuba is an island not very big, there is more than one carnival. The most famous is the carnival in Havana and Santiago de Cuba. Also arranged a carnival in Varadero, in Camaguey and many other cities.

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Report: Carnival

How many cities in Brazil, so many carnivals – and not one is like another. In Rio he has long ceased to be simply enchanting holiday and turned into a kind of championship fun. Participate in the Samba schools, representing different parts of the city. The jury determines what the most colorful outfit, and the most incendiary dance. The winners get nothing. But honor surround them such, what can not buy for any money.

The end of February in Catholic countries is a time of carnival… the Most famous and colourful carnivals in the world are considered to be Venetian and Brazilian. But if in Venice the main sign of this holiday mask, equalizing between people of different ranks and classes, the participants of the Brazilian extravaganza combines rampant, leaving no conventions fun. Actually carnival is nothing like Shrovetide festivities, festive days before lent. The word itself comes from the Latin expression “carne Vale” – “goodbye, meat”.

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