The Best carnivals of the world

Pagan roots of carnival

Winter festival and at the same time to meet the spring of most peoples. From ancient times it was dedicated to the day of the vernal equinox (March 20-21). Many peoples in this day begins a new year. Slavic holiday of Comodity historians date to the Neolithic times. In Babylon for 12 days were celebrations dedicated to the Sun God Marduk. In Egypt celebrated the fertility goddess ISIS, the Greek goddess Bark, Demeter, and Athena, in Rome for five days after the equinox celebrations were held in honor of the goddess Minerva. With the adoption of Christianity in Europe, the pagan holidays were filled with new content, keeping, however, many archaic features.

In pagan Russia pancake week, starting at the vernal equinox, was the heir of an older Slavic women Comodity associated with the cult leaked in the spring the bear and called from baked Komov from pea flour – prototypes pancakes later. Comoedia partially preserved in Belarus as part of Maslenitsa celebrations. Bear in Russia remains one of the important characters of festivities, however, yielding to the supremacy of the goddess of death and winter, Marin and to the sun God Yarila. As for the oil pancake is a symbol of the sun and of life, he became Continue reading

The Most beautiful holidays of the world

12 fabulous festivals, visit one of which means to live a life not in vain.

February 28, begins one of the most ambitious, elegant and fabulous festivals in the world — the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Don’t have new photos, forcing eyes climb on a forehead from the beauty, we decided to recall how the Carnival in previous years. But at the same time — enjoy scenes of the most exciting holidays of the world that trigger the desire at least once in your life go on one of them.

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Carnival in Rio is one of the most anticipated festivals in the world. This is a crazy cocktail of colours, costumes, music, dancers.

In fact, the Carnival in Rio — the parade of the Samba schools, which is organized by the Ministry of tourism of the city, the League of Samba Schools and TV stations that broadcast the show.

Each school chooses a theme and prepares its moving platform, the costumes, the sets, the dancing, makes the presentation. At the end of the Carnival selects one school-the winner of which is awarded a cash prize. To study in this school is considered very prestigious.

Holi — festival of colors in India

Holi, the festival Continue reading

Festivals and carnivals

The main Festival events will be held, as always, excellent interiors Shuvalovsky Palace (nab. reki Fontanki, d. 21), in the heart of the Venice of the North. Another indicator of high ranking International Coffee Festival in St. Petersburg is conducting the St. Petersburg round of the Russian Barista championship. INBI Club for many years engaged in serious work connected with the study and restoration knowledge and practices used by women of various world traditions for understanding and development of their nature. On this subject our center publishes books and training videos, expeditions are organized in the various parts of the world where this knowledge is still preserved, seminars and regular classes

Rock festival

Festival was a great success. Everything was rock-n-roll! The team from Russia was small but friendly. Everyone who has not done this time.

Flower festival in Madeira

We invite you to see the colorful festival, in which are contests for the best Continue reading

Festivals in China
The international film festival in Shanghai International film festival was born in 1993 in Shanghai.…

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Germany a carnival: women cut off ties!
While in Berlin, there is the sea and beaches, and there are green lawns and…

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Famous carnivals
Never know how to have fun, as in Cuba. Despite the fact that Cubans live…

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