On the verge of madness: sketches of the most famous carnivals in the world

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Jamaica, Venice – each of these Grand holidays has its own character and special atmosphere. But they are a little out of his mind. Rio in a frenzy rages, Venice suffers from a split personality, and Jamaica are obsessed with psychedelic revolution… we suggest you familiarize yourself with these three mind-blowing performances and to experience what real fun is on the verge of madness.

Brazilian madness

Every year for a couple of weeks in Brazil, and with it millions of tourists from all over the world, literally going crazy. Slender and not very Creole women chocolate color, the majority of “Topless”, and sometimes “popless” give heat under stirring melodies of Samba. Paunchy contenders for the title of king Momo swaggering dance stomach volume. Members of the jury, with foam at a mouth prove the correctness of its decision about the best Samba school, and those who disagree with them, the fans are ready to protest to bring down the rostrum of the Sambadrome, is the carnival in Rio.

Try to find out from the Brazilians, when and how in his homeland began this holiday. Young people will be puzzled shrug, her question seems unclear – how many young can remember, the carnival was always. Those who are older, are willing to engage in discussion, too, although no clear idea when and how did this colorful Orgy.

Actually tradition to pour water on each other and walk mummers brought into the country by the Portuguese. Grandparents ‘ day at the carnival two, and both were called josé. First, the Portuguese, had poudel with friends – arranged samorodnoe the March to the drumbeat. To fun lovers of African slaves, adding the action of the flavor of their homeland. Then, in 1885, all just had fun, but soon the streets of Rio already defiled carnival chariots. At about the same time arose the first Samba school, founded her second Jose – always hungry African musician and dancer. Hardly namesake, not even familiar with each other, was the scale of the consequences of their innocent ploys.

Now in late February – early March business life of Brazil as if it freezes. Mindless fun, like a tsunami wave that covers the entire space. And even if, for example, you are having problems, they’ll be unlikely that any of the officials will engage in the best case, offer to wait until the end of the carnival. As noted by some of the inhabitants of Rio, within five days of the surgeons, their patients, infants and mothers remain aloof to this madness.

The main party takes place on Central Avenue Vargas. It is here arranged Sambadrome, where provincial school dance trying to keep up with the capital already recognized, but. inferior to them in frivolity, which in the days of the carnival is erected in a rank of the absolute.

Mask, I know you!

Who among us has not dreamed at least once to “wear a mask”? Shy singles want to become fatal cheats, discreet ladies – flaming courtesans. And the only place on Earth in the city-the theatre of Venice, such a metamorphosis is real.

No wonder the mysterious thirst of reincarnation once a year (10 days before the beginning of Lent) attracts thousands of people.

Wearing a mask and seahouses in a black cloak, the Carnival goes through the narrow streets of Venice, looking out over the canals, where gondolas float bright columbines, bursting ringing laughter in the arms of Piero, or demons whisper something secret in your ear innocent angels.

Venice rings and shimmers, absorbs iridescent emotions of citizens and guests of the city, turned to the courtiers and the cowherd girls, the Moors, the Amazons and the stargazers. Their costumes, embroidered with gold and silver, amaze incredible combination of velvet and brocade, muslin, feathers… and its cost…

But the main hero of the action – Mask. After all, the carnival tradition of Venice take roots in the Roman Saturnalia. Then, as you know, slaves were allowed to have fun at the festive tables together with the owners, and even let them all sorts of curses. And since all faces were hidden behind masks, to tell who is who, it was problematic.

About the same atmosphere prevails in the days of the carnival in Venice. A thousand masks – funny and tragic, silly and thoughtful, good and evil, naive and arrogant – having fun, flirting, joking and singing. But all of a sudden. will fly among enchanting celebration of black mask of Death, and will live in harmony in those moments, next to whom she passed, think about the fact that all things must end… and will continue to enjoy life and date. Because here flew a white mask. Although it is just a businessman with laptop talking on their cases, wrapped in a silk cloak.

Carnival revolution on Pit-a-a-IKE!

Bald, dreads, rich and poor, black and white, young and old: it is difficult anywhere to see a more mixed audience than at a carnival in Kingston, the Jamaican capital. However, the birthplace of the famous Bob Marley looks like any other day.

But, oddly enough, it was not always so, and carnival in Jamaica was not until 1989. Why, before anyone in the head didn’t come great idea to hold a big celebration in the land of reckless Rastaman mystery. But even when some of Byron Lee visited the same bright idea, many thought she was not only bright, but also insane. You see, the various segments of the Jamaican society is not very willing to each other talked and every citizen of the island, in General, knew his perch. However, Byron did not abandon the Grand plan, which seemed to him the main business of life.

New carnival, which started in April 1990 in Kingston, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, was a huge success. It has really United the nation in all senses of the word – social, cultural and, most importantly, music. It is noteworthy that the holiday, with all its turbulence, were quite innocuous from the point of view of the criminal code – nobody stole, nobody got beat up and didn’t hurt or whose civil dignity is not violated. And this despite the fact that people had gathered several thousand.

With each succeeding year the Jamaican carnival was getting bigger – gradually began to come here lovers of Rasta culture from different countries. But the lifestyle of Jamaicans has changed forever, and all thanks to a few enthusiasts. It was, in its way, the revolution that destroyed the barriers of caste, bloodless joyful rebellion, in which took part, everyone is bald, dreads, rich and poor, white and black, young and old.

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