New year’s performances of the world

The new year is not far off. Will soon begin to beat the chimes, to shoot the cork of champagne, firing fireworks. It is our tradition. But how to celebrate the New year in other countries of the planet?

Events for the New year in a modern major city marked by brilliance and substantial costs. After all, the tone for the entire planet set is a colossal light show, which is held in the Australian capital city of Sydney. Festive new year’s fireworks this holiday is celebrated in Minsk, with whom celebrate other cities – London, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin.


The Belarusian capital starts New year celebration with procession of father frosts and snow maidens, held on December 25. The pageant has a lot of characters who gather in the Central part of Minsk. Traditionally, the procession begins from October square and moves to the sports Palace, where the unfolding Christmas markets.

The obelisk “Minsk – hero city” is a pyrotechnics show amazing beauty. Christmas festivities are also held at the complex “Chizhovka-arena”, near Kamarouski market, near the Palace of culture of railwaymen and other places (about 30 sites). Festive concert with participation of stars of the national stage continues almost all night.


Muscovites prefer to celebrate the New year in downtown. From the official sources, at a meeting of 2014 took to the streets about 100 thousand citizens and guests of the capital. Everywhere thundering fireworks and hear the enthusiastic cheers of the people. Fireworks traditionally held on the red square.


World famous big Ben, which is located in the English capital, from the first moments coming year is becoming a platform for the launch of fireworks during pyrotechnic extravaganza performances. Gathers more than one hundred thousand people, among which the Metropolitan population and travelers.

As soon as big Ben begins to count 12 hours, each blow accompanied by a fiery rivers of fireworks heading in different directions. Another place to start the fireworks – London Eye (a huge observation wheel), which is located on the Southbank promenade.


Between the Brandenburg gate and the victory Column, which are considered symbols of Berlin, at the site of about 80 000 km2 is about one million residents of the capital and visitors from around the world.

The climax of the celebration is bright fireworks, at midnight lights up the sky over Berlin hundreds of thousands of colorful lights. With large-format screens that are in the Central part of the city, broadcasting the concert programs of the singers and musicians of world importance and demonstration of new year celebration in different parts of the world.

Rio de Janeiro

To enjoy the fire show, which is held on the promenade deck, there are millions of people, including city dwellers and guests. Fireworks thanks to special computer programs are available from the platforms, which are moored on the waterfront of Copacabana. Within a few minutes in the sky rush tons of explosives. Thousands of tourists watching the fireworks from the ocean, where there are cruise ships and a large number of motor and sailing yachts. These courts are fans to look at the new year’s celebration with a special angle.


Sky Australia decorates an amazing sight in the form of fiery chrysanthemums, shimmering hearts, colorful peonies, glowing dahlias. The size and beauty of the Christmas show in Sydney is significantly higher than the representation in other cities. On lasts for a few minutes performance come come and take a look about 2 million people who reside in the harbour darling harbour. To create a festive mood and helps warm weather: about 200 C. no matter How high the cost of festive pyrotechnic performance, income is much higher.


The main French site, on the Champs Elysees celebrating Christmas meeting hundreds of thousands of people. Thousands of tourists and Parisians gather at the Eiffel tower. As soon as an astronomical clock, celebrants are accepted to open the champagne bottles that are bought in advance, because the sale of alcoholic beverages in areas with large concentration of people is strictly prohibited. Not allowed here and the use of fireworks.

The Champs de Mars and the Trocadero are also the place where the French are flocking and guests of the country. There are excellent panoramic views. Light show starts at midnight. Eiffel tower decorated with a huge number of twinkling bulbs, is becoming unusual Christmas tree rising above Paris by night.

If You don’t know where to celebrate the New year, it’s not terrible. The time for meetings is still there. However, take care that where to buy fireworks in Minsk. it is necessary in advance. Our online store is ready to offer its customers a huge selection of quality fireworks at the taste and financial possibilities of every Belarusian. With our pyrotechnics New year will be bright and memorable.

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