The habits and Customs of peoples of the North
"There Dolgans use this custom…" Known Dolgan poetess of Okdo Aksenova belong to the following lines: "There are Dolgans use the custom to share the first prey. Remember, boy!" In former times the Dolgans always…

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Famous carnivals
Never know how to have fun, as in Cuba. Despite the fact that Cubans live by world standards very poor and socialism (and not Swedish socialism), they do not become discouraged, do not lose heart…

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The weirdest festivals of the world It's fun!
Jeremy hunter has devoted 35 years of his life to photographing ancient magic rituals and festivals in sixty countries. We offer to your attention a small selection of his photographs from the project "Celebrate all…

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Kicks off In Brazil’s famous carnival

In Brazil begins world-famous carnival, which will be more than a week to hold power over most of the largest countries in South America. The mayor of Rio de Janeiro Eduardo Pais will solemnly hand over the keys of the city to the carnival king Momo, who, like a wound from year to year, will publish the first and only decree:”fun!”.

Fat Momo, the personification of the Greek God of mockery and censure, himself a humorist and an abundance of laws and regulations subject does not annoy. For the fifth consecutive year in the competition for the right to play the role of Momo wins Milton Rodrigues da Silva júnior. To be Momo not just for the carnival, you need to visit dozens of formal and informal receptions, meetings with VIP personalities and ordinary participants of the festival. The king ought not to appear everywhere in the same outfit. Costumes with a dozen. One material on them this year went 120 feet. But still need to dress and princesses who accompany the king. However, women’s outfits at the court mean Momo is known for minimalism and maximum transparency, so that matter to them requires not so much.

By the way, the keys to the city that Momo receives from the prefect, very real, and not fake. Soon after the inauguration ceremony in rights of carnival monarch with all the necessary precautions are returned for storage in the municipality.

Brazilian carnival is unique and diverse. In Rio de Janeiro and são Paulo, the main events of the festival – contest performances of the Samba schools. They will be held until Tuesday morning. In a strictly limited time column of the school, consisting of several thousand people and impressive carnival platforms, with dancing and singing parade at the sambodrome, revealing the main theme of his speech. Fans of Brazilian carnival are sure that the festive parades subject to any topic. For example, a school “Unidos da Tijuca” carnival will be means to tell about the culture of Germany, remembering the many great Germans from Beethoven to Marlene Dietrich. But the school “Beija Flor” will devote to the performance of the Brazilian breed horses Mangalarga – Marchador.

The results of the carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro, the jury will sum up on Wednesday, and on the night of 16 to 17 February at the sambadrome “the Marquis de sapucaí”, held demonstrations of school-winners. Before this, at the sambodrome “ANHEMBI” in Sao Paulo will prodefiliroval carnival winners of the contest in the largest metropolis in Latin America. Disputes about whose carnival is colorful and fun, are residents of são Paulo and Rio de Janeiro as fervently and biased, as discussions about the merits of football teams.

Holiday in Salvador, the administrative center of Bahia – known for its outdoor concerts, when the city among the festive crowd slowly moving trucks, converted into a stage with a powerful sound equipment, which are the popular singers and musicians. Recife (state of Pernambuco) famous crowded carnival columns, so-called “blocks”. Block “Morning rooster”, which involved more than 1.7 million people, even entered the Guinness Book of records.

The carnival will affect all residents of the country and leaves no one indifferent. To ignore it is not possible, but if you want to relax in silence and solitude, try to leave, or, as they say Brazilians, “escape from the carnival”. Such willing, by the way, a lot. In carnival week sharply grows, the cost of the hotel rooms not only in hotels recognized capitals of the festival – Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Recife – but in small rural hotels, promising in advertising “the idyll of unity with nature and no drum orchestras at night”.

During the carnival the whole of Brazil is in motion. Someone running from the sounds of Samba, someone in a hurry on holiday. The flow of passengers at the international airport in Rio de Janeiro these days increased by 17%. To the docks seaport city on Sunday, comes just eight giant cruise liners.

Carnival in Brazil usually takes place without any serious incidents. Strange but true – the level of street crime in the days of public festivities does not rise up. However, the police prefer not to relax. In the days of carnival in the streets of Rio de Janeiro in emergency mode are serving a total of 7.6 thousand guards. On highways the Federal highway police conducts operation “prohibition”, identifying drunk drivers. In readiness for immediate action, the holiday is celebrated and fire, which in Brazil is not only fighting fires, but also provide first aid to victims in different kind of emergency.

At the carnival this year in Brazil was marred by the tragedy in Santa Maria, where on January 27, a fire in a nightclub killed more than 230 people. In the Santa Maria, which is home to 270 thousand people, carries a 30-day mourning period, so no carnival there. In solidarity to cancel the holiday and decided in more than 20 neighboring Santa Maria cities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Another reason is purely economic – a large-scale carnival festivities this year will not be in some Brazilian municipalities, where the results of the October municipal elections gave way to the prefects. In such big cities like Florianopolis, Sao Luis, petrópolis, Porto Velho, local authorities have drastically reduced the program of the carnival, because it had inherited from its predecessors pretty weak finances. About it reports ITAR-TAss.