Incendiary February

I think all the winter holidays are already over? The fun and joy? It’s only the beginning! In fact ahead of February is the most festive month of the year. There can be not only of good fun and dance, but also delicious to eat. It is not surprising that on such a fabulous celebration attracts tourists from all over the world. Who doesn’t want to wear a mask or carnival costume and join this colorful occasion?!

Today we talk about the most colorful festivals in the coldest month of the year – about the carnivals . I think if you get a chance to spend your vacation in this period in the country of carnival, the impressions you leave with the warmest of winter days spent there. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of good fun before lent

To this carnival of Brazil is preparing for a year, and in the last week of February all just go crazy in anticipation of the holiday. Four days and four nights of the Brazilian summer – that carnival in Rio de Janeiro! He has already become a global event that attracts more than a million tourists.

Officially it opens the King of carnival, a fictional character – Momo (for four days the town is ruled by the king). He receives from the mayor the gold and silver keys of the city and the party begins. People relax in clubs, bars, just in the streets, carnivals are held all over everywhere, you hear the drum sounds.

The climax of the carnival is the parade of Samba schools, which, passing through the special sambadrome, wyborowa the right to be called the best of the best schools of this fiery dance. This unforgettable show: the dancers are 600 meters of the strip in amazing colorful dance costumes, showing off their dance skills to the jury and the audience.

Date: February 14 – 17 February

This carnival is the second most popular in the world and takes place also in February, but this time in Europe, in Venice. “Fat Tuesday”, or Mardi Gras – this day kicks off the carnival of Venice. Officially, this holiday was declared in the country in 1296, although carnival was held in Venice since 1094.

The festival starts on Tuesday, but the tourists come to Venice for a day or two earlier to see his own eyes beginning. Every day during this period in Venice arrives to 30 thousand people. Opens the carnival in the main square of Venice – St. Mark. Here is a parade of carnival costumes and masks. Mask – it is a symbol of equality among all residents at the carnival (history of wearing masks out in those days) and the main attribute of the holiday.

Tradition and the unpredictable – here is what to expect from the Venetian carnival. Guests of this holiday will definitely see annual Halloween regatta gondoliers, they are expected to view with harlequin and Columbine, festivals, concerts and presentations.

Date: January 31 – 17 February

Officially this carnival takes place in February. But the ceremonial opening of the Cologne festival takes place in November – 11.11(annually) in 11-11. On it and discussed all the details of the festival, selected the candidacy of Prince carnival, etc. This is the most fun and the most carefree holiday in Germany, and phlegmatic Germans “shed their masks” restraint for a few days.

To participate in it attracts millions of visitors. The carnival begins in the Old square, where women 11-11 stormed the town Hall and proclaim a matriarchy in the city, cutting off the ties of men Then the action goes through the streets of Cologne and continues in the pubs and parks of the city. The days of carnival have amazing names: Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Babi Thursday and Rose Monday.

It is the latter – the peak of all the festivities. In this day there is a procession of dolls from papier-mache, making fun of politicians. And carts from the participants of the carnival are thrown into the audience sweetness. Sweets also handed out to passers-by the owners of the carnival: the Prince, the Peasant and the virgin.

Date: February 12 – February 17

The annual February carnival takes place on the Islands of Trinidad and Tobago . It was initiated in the country with the abolition of slavery, since 1838. In those days it was more like balls and feasts. But due to the fact that the local population is very exotic, so the carnival has purchased notes of exotics. Now he looks more like carnival in Brazil, but it also has shades of European and Eastern.

The carnival begins with the selection of the Queen and the king holiday – Calypso (kind of Afro-Caribbean music). In carnival days she can be heard all over the island. More attributes of the carnival are bottles of rum and drums. The sound of the last regularly heard at night. The main person of the carnival is the Calypso Monarch. For this title compete, many residents of the island.

In carnival days the streets of the cities, processions and parades, which involved both professional dancers and drummers, and trained in this craft ordinary citizens.

Date: 16 February – 17 February

In Europe the tradition of holding carnivals before lent appeared since ancient times. In nice this holiday has its origins from then on, as Duke Henri of Anjou held a large celebration with clowns, and the townspeople are so liked it that such action they decided to be held annually.

The scope of the carnival in nice, this event has gained since the nineteenth century, when the Cote d’azur is often visited by tourists. Then arranged the so-called “the battle of flowers”. For two weeks the city turns into a large communal party.

On the streets there is a procession of huge dolls chariot (20 PCs). Especially impressive are the Parade of colors and light, and Flower of battle on the promenade des Anglais. All performances are accompanied by music and dancing. At the end of the parade is burned doll-the effigy of King carnival and a gigantic fireworks display begins. These days the streets of nice are brightly illuminated with beautiful illuminations, and Castle hill – sparklers.

Date: 13 February-1 March


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