How to organize a holiday for 2 year old birthday?

Of course, the birth of a child is a great holiday for the whole family. And this day is a holiday not only for someone who was born, but also for parents. It will mark the celebration and congratulations, gifts and good cheer throughout life.

Year-old child to congratulate on his birthday, perhaps, meaningless. He, at most, rejoice with your smiling face, but the words won’t sort and the meaning will not catch. But in two years the child’s mind is formed sufficiently to try to arrange a holiday for him. To Excel in anything hateful, grandiose, of course, not worth it. Children at this age are living emotions, so the main task is to create a good atmosphere. The atmosphere of love and attention to the baby, noisy company of his little friends and, of course, gifts.

Unfortunately, too often the birthday celebration young children parents are perceived rather as an occasion to organize a holiday for yourself. To sit with their friends at the table, seated beside a bored child and to drink to his health. If for you in the first place still a child, but not a reason to have fun yourself, you’ll have to make some effort for the event. To do this, first of all, to see the world through his eyes.

The choice of location . Choosing a place to celebrate a birthday, consider the features of character of the child. Not pull him in the cafe, if you’ve never been there yet, and noisy places and crowds of people stifle him. In this case it would be better to celebrate in the family circle. If the toddler is sociable and curious, then you can go to the school of restaurant type. Only you need to choose such, where there is a special place for children and their games, because I like to sit at the table he’s definitely bored very soon.

With regard to time . then you should consider aspects of the children’s schedules. Day child his age still need a break to sleep. and in the evening he may already be tired and cranky, impact emotional stress. Morning and lunch time will do more than just. And do not tighten the holiday, the kids quickly get tired, emotionally and physically. After good fun, you can be sure that the baby safely and soundly to sleep in the afternoons.

Menu planning . The important thing here is that the food was bright and unusual, in small portions. Kids love food in the form of some of their favorite characters: Smeshariki or today’s popular pony. Remember, as children love sweets: a variety of cakes and glazed cookies will lead small birthday delight. But do not forget that they do not know the sense of proportion and time to stop don’t know how. So better not to put on the table too many different sweets. Overeating and all the associated troubles spoil the impression of the holiday, but because we don’t want that, right?

Preparations for the feast . This is a great way to play with the child and give him to participate. If a holiday is planned at home, in the future the birthday boy can be trusted with many simple tasks, such as hanging lights or soft landscaping area of pillows for him and his comrades. Give him as much freedom of choice. Even such a trifle as the solution, where the bulb to hang, will allow your child to feel more meaningful and adults. In addition to enhancing self-esteem, it will also serve to nurture in child responsibility.

If the holiday is planned somewhere in other place and not at home, you can arrange the production of invitations for friends. Small and simple postcard with sparkles and colors, individually made for each invitee, the child himself will distribute to those who wish to see on your holiday that will emphasize its importance and independence in his own eyes.

The theme of the celebration and animators . Today is very popular master animators and different themed parties for children, including masquerades and games. Nothing surprising in the fact that these things are like children, no. However, in the case of two year old children, this step may be unnecessary. Children may be frightened by the animator, because they’re too little, especially if he is dressed up in a clown suit. Simple masquerade outfits and painting people with this problem can be solved independently.

Some additional aspects . Again – it is necessary to consider the age of the children. and try not to make them too adult party. Remember that in two years, for example, too many children begin to potty train, so one of the invited guests can just pass the “emergency” period of growing up. Be sure that you are ready for this turn of events.

Toys for children should be plenty. A good option would be to ask parents to bring something with you that children are not fought for them. You should also make sure that the house is quite different wipes, dry and wet, and towels, narodnikov and glasses, neprolivaek.

Parents of invited children should ask to be present during the celebration. If you are not a kindergarten teacher, to be alone with so many children you are not ready.

Need to be careful and also with food. Submit it at the beginning of the feast and after the feast immediately remove, let the children are not distracted and do not take away through the house.

Cover any special, separate table for invited parents don’t need to, but don’t offer them at least some drinks and snacks would be impolite.

In General, children’s party, especially when the kids are still in such a very very young age requires the preparation and consideration of many different aspects. But to complicate it too is not necessary, the children will be happy to take any holiday, because of the expectations on this score has not yet at all. The main thing in planning a holiday for two-year kid, think about what will appeal to the kid and not about how good it is to rest himself, having seated him in the cage.

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