Holidays of the World

Plunge into the atmosphere of holidays in different countries.

1. Tomatina (Tomatina) in the village of buñol — famous “tomato massacre”. This is one of the most popular holidays in Spain. Annually it is visited by about 36 thousand people. On special trucks to the site of the battle bring a “weapon” — about 100 tons of ripe tomatoes. The rules here are pretty simple — you can throw tomatoes at anyone, importantly, to avoid injury, tomatoes need a good stretch. Also it is impossible to tear the opponents clothes and throw something else, except the tomatoes, in spite of all the excitement that undoubtedly cover rivals. After the battle the wash area from the hose, the participants are washed in a specially installed for that bathroom stall or just go swimming in the river.

5. The ancient festival of ancestor worship called Tapati (Tapati Festival) is celebrated by the inhabitants of Easter island in Chile. The islanders dress up each other in special outfits and dancing. Both men and women compete in running with bunches of bananas. Directs the festivities specially elected Queen: it should be not only beautiful, but also hard-working. The strict jury of elders counts the number of caught fish and Nadal canvases each student.

7. Monkey Banquet (Monkey Buffet in Lopburi province . Each year approximately 600 monkeys are invited to the dinner, which consists of a variety of fruits and vegetables. Monkey feast is held in honor of the God Rama, who according to the legend, along with the monkey army defeated many of his opponents.

8. England: Festival of cheese rolling . In running a steep slope for the cheese head can be attended by anyone. The rules are very simple: participants climb to the top of the hill and wait for the signal. On account of the “three” the slope is allowed to roll a 10-pound block of cheese, at the expense of the “four” all jumped up and ran after her. Whoever was the first to grab the cheese wins it as a prize. During the festival, satisfied few races. The catch of this game is that the hillside is very steep and rough, even in dry weather the descent it is unsafe.

10. “the Day the Goose” in Spanish. The essence of this – above the water, pull the rope, feet dangling carcass of a goose. Participants swam to the boat, grab the goose by the neck, and on this rope rocking up and down, tossing in the air and dipping into the water. The participant is necessary to tear off the goose’s head. Then congratulations, calloused hand to shake and give that goose on the memory. They say, hung before a live goose, until outraged conservationists.

11. Holiday Nude Naked Mens’ Festival) in Japan — of Hadak Matsuri or “the feast of the Nude”, which is celebrated with 767. In the temple Saidaji going 3000 men aged 23 to 43 years who are dressed only in loincloths. The purpose of this festival — to attract good luck, as it is believed that a naked man takes away all misery if to touch him. Participants of the event after visiting the Temple, where they undergo purification, organize a procession through the streets of the city, where hundreds of people in search of good luck trying to touch them. On this day, as the street is cool February, and we must have the courage to go out half-naked on the street, Japanese people drink a lot of sake.

12. Race Bay to Breakers. The 12-kilometer race in San Francisco. I must say, this is a very San Francisco thing. Competitions immediately turn into a carnival or even a gay pride parade, which is not surprising, considering how many representatives of sexual minorities lives in the city. Fortunately there are still sane citizens who perceive Bay to Breakers solely as a race. They reach the finish line first, winning prizes. Most often it is professional athletes. The rest just relax, turning the competition in a flash mob. The first race was held in 1906, and in 1986 the race even got into the Guinness book of records as a record number of participants (110 thousand). Where and when: the Third Sunday of may, San Francisco, California.

Be sure to bring: Original costume and lots of beer. Take also the camera – someone’s got to photograph participating in the parade naturists.

13. The Beaujolais Festival. The first batch of Beaujolais Nouveau, consisting of 40,000 bottles, arriving on 9 November in Japan from Paris to the official international Day of Beaujolais Japanese wine drinkers gathered in bars and restaurants to uncork a new bottle of fruit wine. Under French law can be sold no earlier than the third Thursday of November. That’s how the residents of Kanagawa Prefecture, located in the Kanto region on Honshu island, take part in the festival Beaujolais swim in the pool filled with young wine.

14. Festival cannabis in Amsterdam . where else. Is held in November (!) The hemp festival devoted to the autumn gathering of marijuana. Review the latest achievements in this undoubtedly important, uh… agricultural sector award winners (for example, “best greenhouse grade”), and, of course, tastings of the best varieties. Who determines the best grades? Of course, the panel of judges. The selection of judges (and their festival takes nearly two thousand high degree of risk, you see), very strict, for the post – it ’ s very popular. To be a judge and taste all the fun at the festival, you should be able to taste up to 10 species of grass per day, while maintaining the ability to think. If the ability to think do not want to risk, you can explore all the venues of the festival and to observe those who donated it. Alternative: Cuban cigar festival. To do nothing, for a judgeship meaning to ask too, no no, know yourself, popyhivaya cigar or trips to visit tobacco plantations. But remember, the health Ministry warned.

15. Throwing pumpkins, Delaware . In this state every year, on Halloween, a championship by throwing the pumpkins. If you think that the participants just pick up a pumpkin and throw – wrong. Actually there’s a whole technology, this sounds like a serious sporting event. By the way, this championship is called “the world championship to fling pumpkins”.

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