Festivals in Edinburgh.

On 5 August, a week before the start of the 65th International arts festival (Edinburgh International Festival), Edinburgh, Scotland, offers a festival of street art “fringe” (Edinburgh Festival Fringe). The same day he started Royal international festival of military bands of The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo).

International festival of the arts was founded in 1947 to unite the peoples of Europe after the Second world war, and is one of the largest annual events of its kind in Europe and worldwide.

The organizers of the festival are the city of Edinburgh Council and the Scottish arts Council.

International festival of arts has strict rules. Invitation to participate in the International festival sent to the participants on behalf of the Director of the festival.

As part of the festival programme are dozens of different events of different genres of classical art – music, dance, ballet, Opera, theatre.

The festival is attended by both well-known artists and performers and beginners groups.

International festival of arts is listed in the Guinness Book of records as the largest in the world. At the time of conducting the population of Edinburgh doubles – up to half a million people. A large-scale event traditionally ends with a gala concert and fireworks on the main square of the city.

The festival was the first of the twelve major Edinburgh festivals. among which the international festival, international book festival, Edinburgh international festival of jazz and Blues and others.

Non-profit organization “Edinburgh festivals”, bringing together twelve of the city’s festivals, in 2010 conducted a study and found that a cultural event of this magnitude held in the capital of Scotland, attracted into the economy of the region is about 250 million pounds per year .

In 2011 the festival will be held in the 65th time from 12 August to 4 September.

The festival was dedicated in 2004 from the program’s main International arts festival in Edinburgh, with the aim to focus on the visual arts, and today is one of the largest festivals of visual arts in Scotland. The event brings together Scottish and international artists, whose work during the month exhibited in museums, galleries and exhibition venues in the city, among them there are both beginners and well-known masters of modern art.

The program of the festival consists of numerous solo and shared exhibitions, special events and workshops for artists. Often for many young artists participating in the festival is a chance to start a successful career.

Edinburgh art festival is held annually in August-September.

In 2011 it runs from 4 August to 4 September.

Festival “fringe” is an annual music and theatre festival of street art. It traditionally takes place in August for three weeks: begins the week before the International festival of arts and closes a week before the main festival.

“Fringe” (from the English. “suburb”, “framing”) was founded in 1947 and has long existed as an informal part of the International festival of arts, but eventually became a separate festival.

At the festival of arts “fringe” at various exhibition venues in the city are professional and Amateur groups from around the world. It is more informal and open than international arts festival. For participation there are no restrictions. artists from around the world bring new and experimental productions. Here can make everyone, enlisting the support of a sponsor and finding a concert venue.

Participants can go beyond the traditional art of existing canons and rules and to resort to various experiments. The extensive programme of “Fringe” more street performances and productions in the open air.

Thousands of theatre companies from around the world perform premieres of plays, musicals and dance shows. During the festival, these venues for performances in Edinburgh, there are more than 250.

In 2010 the festival was attended by a record number of participants – about 21 thousand people, took nearly two and a half thousand views.

Among the participants were both well-known artists and new performers.

In 2011, the festival runs from 5 to 29 August.

International Royal festival of military bands of The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo)

International Royal festival of military bands is the largest show of its kind in the world. It was first held in 1950

The festival is held annually during the first three weeks of August on a large parade ground near Edinburgh castle. Traditional events of the festival – staged fights, the parade of military bands. In the views of participating military bands from around the world, drummers, pipers, singers, acrobats. The event brings together more than a thousand participants from all over the world. Foreign performers first appeared in the parade in 1952, it was the “Royal grenadiers of the Netherlands”.

Annually about 200 thousand spectators come to the castle. to watch the parade. Spectators watch the performance with special stands that are installed at the foot of the castle.

In 2010 the festival celebrated its 60th anniversary. In connection with the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II awarded the festival the title “Royal” .

In 2011, the festival of military orchestras will be held from 5 to 27 August.

International book festival (Edinburgh International Book Festival)

International book festival in Edinburgh was first held in 1983, the programme included 30 events. Since then the festival has become one of the most important events in the cultural life of the city and one of the most vibrant and fastest growing festivals in the world.

The festival programme includes more than 700 events: presentations, lectures, meetings with readers and roundtables. Attended by hundreds of writers, journalists, politicians, poets and artists from around the world.

One of the main parts of the program of the festival is the discussion part. Each year writers from around the world gather at a unique forum in which the authors and the audience have the opportunity to discuss the most striking works and contemporary issues.

In parallel with the main program of the festival “Children’s program”, which involves children’s writers and illustrators of books for children.

Special attention of the organizers of the festival will give young authors-beginners .

Among the discoveries of the Edinburgh book festival – author of books about Harry Potter Scottish author JK Rowling. She first came to the festival in 1997, and read chapters from my first book about the adventures of a young wizard.

International book festival is traditionally held in the Gardens of Charlotte, in the New town area. Designated event area can accommodate 220 thousand visitors.

In 2011 the festival will be held from 13 to 29 August.


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