Festivals in China

The international film festival in Shanghai

International film festival was born in 1993 in Shanghai. With a rich program, which includes more than 1,000 films from around the world, this festival is the largest international event in the country. The festival is a kind of competition, as the best movies get Jin Jue award for best actor, best actress, best musical score, directing, cinematography and others.

The prosperity of national cinema due to the production of new films in China. And now Chinese cinema can compete with European and even American. We can say that the international film festival in Shanghai did what seemed impossible just a few years ago, he opened a Chinese cinema way into a great movie. Every year in early summer, it is an international festival not only attracts many local film enthusiasts, but also international stars.

Meeting with great people.

Red carpet Grand opening of the 9th ceremony of the International film festival in Shanghai in 2006 was blinding number of world movie stars. The festival was attended by such actors as Catherine Deneuve (Catherine Deneuve), Natasha Richardson (Natasha Richardson), Edward Norton (Edward Norton), Andy Macdowel (Andie MacDowell), Jackie Chan (Jackie Chang) and many others. All these stars come together to make a bright and unforgettable event.

Many world stars attract the attention of a global audience, but in the center of the festival, of course, a showing of the best films selected from hundreds of applicants. Among the best are artistic, commercial, low-budget independent films, documentaries and short films. Such a wide selection to suit even the most picky viewers.

The Seven Sisters festival in Hong Kong . held in honor of unmarried girls and young couples, dates back to the 8th century BC Despite the fact that in the modern world is not necessarily to encourage marriage, the event remains a significant date in the Chinese calendar and predicable a very spectacular event.

The festival is held in Hong Kong on August 19, the Mountain Lovers (Lovers’ Rock) in WAN Chai (Wan Chai), but local celebrations can be found everywhere.

At the core of the festival is a beautiful legend about lonely girl-weaver, the youngest of seven sisters. She was weaving for her father, Divine Emperor Wong Yuk (Yuk Wong). He took pity on her and allowed to marry a shepherd, but because of this Union the girl defied his work to such an extent that brought your father into a rage. He saratel to see her husband, but on the seventh day of the seventh moon.

In the ceremony of the festival includes competitions in facilitate five-colored thread in the eye of the needle and the burning of the seven sets of toiletries, symbolizing the seven sisters.

Another ritual is part of worship. Young women are presented with the night sky and two stars, representing the shepherd and girl gifts. In the old days mother even paid for their daughters if they really wanted they watched the ensuing ceremonies. Now women are more independent in many ways, and this tradition is no longer relevant and has almost outlived its usefulness.

Festival of Snow and Ice in Leninska gorge is held annually in January. The Chinese make the winter in a poetic and colorful festival of ice and light. Magical gorge Loncin eighty kilometers from Beijing is a venue for fireworks, ice sculptures; here you can go fishing from the hole. Large blocks of ice cut out the animals and the variety of shapes of all sizes and shapes.

Families go outside to have a fun day, and the Ancient City of Nine Turns (as it was called in the old days) is filled with people. To the gorge is very easy to reach from Beijing – it is situated in a rocky terrain Askinskogo County, ten miles from the capital of the County.

If you are lucky, you can even see the famous lanterns of ice, in the center of which is a bright ball of light from afar catches the glitter shapes.

The annual Festival tourists in Shanghai (conducted from September to October) offers a huge selection of traditional and not very fun on the streets of the entire city.

Usually in the city, the festival is actively promoted, and provided many opportunities to learn the details and features of each of the event organized.

The famous festival of liquor and wine in Guangzhou

At the famous festival of liquor and wine in Guangzhou every year in July-August celebration of the best Chinese alcohol. No light beer – preference is given to ruthless rice wine and liqueur from cereals sorghum, literally meaning “white devil”.

Distillery in the village of Maotai has made his well-known liquor brand – just look at that peculiar white porcelain bottles. If you have enough courage and a strong stomach, then join the festivities. But remember about possible headaches!

In Hong Kong regularly held festival of Cheung Chau bun festival the Mid-Autumn festival in honor of the full moon of the year and other traditional festivals.

The festival of “Dragon Boat” in Hong Kong

The festival falls on the 5th day of the 5th month of the lunar calendar. First race dragon boats were held in 1976 as part of the Festival Tuen Ng (Tuen Ng Festival), numbering two thousand years of history. Now they have become an exciting and spectacular event admitted annually. More than one hundred teams from around the world participated in the race in the waters of Hong Kong and Islands. After the competition of the local teams, the festival is gaining international status. Major competitions are held on the Shing mun river (Shing Mun) in the district of Sha Tin (New territories New Territories).

The race takes place on elaborately decorated boats under the sound of drums. Boats over 10 metres in length, and the nose of each of them ornately decorated with painted dragon’s head, while the back is stylized, respectively, under its tail. Each team consists of 20-22 paddlers. They sit two by two in the same row, tie – back and a drummer at the front. Rowers customize deafening thud of drums and the roar of the crowds.

The festival honors the memory of a popular Chinese national hero Chu Yuan (Qu Yuan), who drowned himself in the river Mi Lo (Mi Lo) in the 3rd century BC, This action was a protest against corruption and injustice. Local residents to save the patriot raised on the river noise with drums to scare away fish. And threw dumplings into the water so the fish would not eat his body. It is very symbolic that during the festival all eat meat dumplings with rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, and many look forward to the opportunity to swim on this day. Or just throw up their hands in water that symbolizes the attempts to rescue Chu Yuan.

A little earlier there was a mandatory ceremony of consecration of the competition. Spectators threw stones at the boats, and if any of them were drowned, others saw it as a sign of good luck. Also hosts a humorous Racing Baths (Bathtub Race) – the most fun events of the day. Each bath can be 2 rower, and the winners of valuable prizes.

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