Europe in may

May day celebrations held in Europe. you can make a truly unforgettable, if you aim to visit one of a dozen events that are held here at this time of year. European holidays are guaranteed a happy and well-organized events that do not get bored. So the only thing that really needs to be taken care of in advance is booking the hotel. At this time of the year in Europe held some of the best festivals in the world. So to find decent housing at an affordable price can be difficult.

April 21 — birthday of Rome (Italy)

This is one of the main festivals of the Italian capital with traditional music and local cuisine. Its culmination — the Grand parade, where all the participants are dressed in costumes of the ancient Romans. The procession — the winner of the contest “the Goddess of Rome”, which since 2004 can participate girls from 18 to 30 years old of any nationality.

To swim on the Italian coasts at this time of year, perhaps a little cold. But the perfect comfortable weather for excursions to Venice or fishing villages Cinqueterre in the West.

April 28 – international marine festival in Marmaris (Turkey)

This annual Turkish festival is one of the most respected events of professional sailors. At this time, dozens of ships arrive here from around the world — military, passenger and educational. And then the inspection of the ships blends in with the yachting festival, which starts from mid-may.

In may in this region of Turkey is very beautiful, in all colors, few tourists. If you’re not lucky with the weather, the evening would have to wear a jacket. But the sea often rarely warmer than 20C. So when choosing a hotel, it is better to focus on those where the pool is heated. Otherwise, the tan will be bored and hot.

April 30 — Walpurgis night (Germany)

Bright, colorful and extremely noisy pagan holiday that the modern inhabitants of European cities with pleasure to this day. It is believed that this holiday affects the whole of Central Europe. But the special significance it has acquired in Germany. homeland nuns Walpurgis, after whom is named the feast. In the German provinces on this day, bonfires to ward off flying down on coven, and noisy all night. And in Berlin, this holiday is one of the largest festivals of electronic music “Mayday”, which gathers all advanced youth of the planet.

April 30 — Queen’s birthday (Konninginnedag) (Netherlands)

This is a true folk festival that is celebrated and locals and tourists alike, commemorating one of the most non-public of the nuns of Europe — Beatrix. Across the country held a lavish celebration, the streets are decorated with orange flags and garlands (the colors of the Royal house), night across the country arranged the fireworks. Best on this day to be in the Hague. where is the Palace of the Queen. There is a great music festival, which continues till the morning.

In addition, this month continues the world-famous flower festival. Lush tulips and lilies and already meet here on every corner. But the real feast of colors and flavors going on in the most famous Park in the Netherlands Keukenhof.

And by the end of the month in the city’s cafes you receive the best salted herring, which in these parts. The feast in honor of this traditional local delicacies is usually arranged in the first days of June.

1-3 may — sweeps festival day and whiskey (UK)

On the first day of may in the British honoring Rochester sweeps. Representatives of this ancient and respected profession throughout the country is just 600 people. They serve old houses with chimneys. British chimney sweeps people are easy-going and treat their work with great irony. Therefore, the Rochester festival is a cheerful celebration with a parade, which involves traditional mythical companions chimney sweep.

This festival blends of whiskey a day, which is celebrated in the Scottish region of Speyside. It is a place where plants are the main producers of this famous wine, including The world famous Glenlivet (the Glenlivet and Glenfiddich (Glenfiddich). Once a year and on this day these facilities to open their doors to ordinary visitors, and generously offered their rare aged whiskies.

May 4 — the Canadian Tulip festival (Canada)

The perpetrators of this unusual holiday, the Dutch, annually forwarding to Canada on 20 thousand Tulip bulbs in appreciation for assistance in the Second world war. In those days the Canadians helped the Dutch Royal family to hide from the fascist regime, and then announced to the room at the hospital of the capital territory of the Netherlands. So, born in her Queen Margriet could legally hold office in the Hague. A grateful Dutch people annually put Ottawa flowers.

11 may — Cannes film festival (France)

This is the most important European film festivals, unfortunately, remains exclusively reserved for film industry professionals. However, the population of Cannes in the days of the meeting increases several times. The city is literally attacking movie stars and fans, who want to meet famous idols in an informal setting. Of course, by the time of the film festival here dated many interesting events.

For example, through the Bureau of tourism of France here you can get screening of official competition programme of films that take place outdoors.

At this time of year on the Cote d’azur yet to bathe. But the ride on the train to admire in the nearest Principality of Monaco with the most expensive villas on the planet, and on cheapest shopping in Milan olety. To Milan, the train ride takes about four hours.

May 13 — the Dixieland festival in Dresden (Germany)

The oldest jazz festival in Europe and the second largest festival “white” jazz in the world. In different years there were such stars as The Jackson Singers, Blue Wonder Jazzband, Cynthia Sayer & Hot Jazz Group, Mart Rodger’s Manchester Jazz, Blue Wonder Jazzband, Pascal von Wroblewsky and Steve Clayton. On may 23, the relay adopts the festival “Jazz Rally” in düsseldorf. in the course of which is traditionally given not less than one hundred concerts in 30 scenes, and serves over 500 bands and artists.

May 21 — the festival of the Rose (Bulgaria)

The national holiday in Bulgaria, dedicated to the defenders of rose petals and employees of the local cosmetic industry. Despite the specificity of each year attracts thousands of tourists. Takes place in the so-called Valley of the roses between Karlovo and Kazanlak.

May 23 — Roma festival in Prague (Czech Republic)

The world festival of Gypsy culture “Khamoro” (translated from the Roman tongue of the Gypsies – it means “Sun”) is held annually in Prague in late may. These days it attracts Gypsies from all over the world, arranging colorful, juicy holiday in the centre of the Czech capital. His love of tourists and journalists. But locals refer to it with skepticism. And grimly joke that in this town Gypsy festival can be observed year-round at the station.

May 24-26 — Gothic festival in Leipzig (Germany)

The world’s largest Gothic festival Wave Gotik Treffen. Each year it attracts up to 20 thousand fans of this subculture in full gear. These days on the streets you can find hundreds of the most unusual characters, listen appropriate occasion rock or organ and Gregorian choirs.

May 26 — the Danish carnival in Aalborg (Denmark)

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