Festivals in Germany

In December and November in the streets of Germany, there are numerous Christmas markets, no matter in which city of Germany you are in. Christmas markets in every city. The most famous Christmas market is located in Munich. Christmas market in Germany.

The love parade in Germany or “Love Parade” is one of the most shocking and unique events on the planet. It is a celebration of love and the world-famous open-air disco. The love parade is the massive parade, which took place sometime in Germany. In this day attracts thousands of people from different countries to take part in a shocking event. The most interesting event of the love parade is a two-kilometer procession Ravers. Unusual procession passes under music in the style of trance, techno and house. Guests and residents of the cities of Germany, in the field of the parade besides occupy streets and squares, trees and lampposts.

Oktoberfest beer Festival in Munich or the Oktoberfest is listed in the Guinness book of Records as the most populous and long-running beer festival in the world. It takes place from late September to early October each year.

The ceremonial parade of the brewers beer festival in the Germany city Munich begins at 11 am. And opened by the town mayor, who walk passes through the old city to the place of celebration. At 12 o’clock shot out of a cannon marks the beginning of the loudest and biggest beer festival in Germany. From this moment thousands of visitors from all countries, fans of intoxicating drink, can enjoy the special taste, brewed to this day, amber drink. The next day after the opening of the beer festival at 10 a.m. begins costume colorful presentation.

In traditional national costumes, which are carefully passed from generation to generation for several decades, will be the keepers and admirers of the traditions of Germany.

What Christmas markets in Germany is worth visiting?

According to the Germans, one of the best bazaars in Germany is located in the city of Nuremberg. There at the Christmas Bazaar is necessarily present Santa Claus, a Nativity scene ( crèche), as well as numerous Christmas trees and holiday. At this time, certainly you need to drink hot mulled wine and make a wish, and they will come true. Please note that the mulled wine in Germany only drink at Christmas. In stores at this time you can see many different types of mulled wine is ready, it should only be slightly warm.

Mulled wine is the pride of the Christmas market in Weimar. There it is made according to old recipes known only in Thuringia. At the Bazaar on Christmas eve in Germany you can not only drink mulled wine, but there is, and just enjoy life! The festival will be potato pancakes served with Apple sauce.

And the best marzipan gingerbread than on the market in Lubeck to find. If you’re a fan of marzipan, then hurry to the market there.

The most fun of the Christmas markets in Germany, according to historians, is in the city of Cologne, close to Cologne Cathedral. The fun of any holiday is created by people, and kelinci know how to have fun!

Christmas market in Frankfurt – on – main – tale, which is especially noticeable in contrast with the skyscrapers of concrete and glass. The European Central Bank in Germany still believe in the best easier with a mug of mulled wine in hand.

In the big cities of Germany Christmas markets are not only on the main Central square, but the streets and smaller. Feast one at all and it should be enough in Germany at all! The two main Christmas markets in Munich. One is located on the Marienplatz, where the autumn celebrating the Oktoberfest beer festival. and the second Theresienwiese on There at this time exhibit their works the artists of Germany. fun noisy Hamburg classic Christmas Bazaar Germany you will find close to the town hall. But at the Bazaar at the famous “mile of sin” markets are only available to visit by adults.

Wherever you plan to spend Christmas in Germany, be sure to visit the Christmas market. Because without the market we can assume you were not in Germany at all!

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