Carnival in Malta

Malta is preparing for the carnival all year, is an event to look forward to and adults and children! Carnival in Malta — it’s hours of dance competitions, parades of dancers through the narrow streets of the capital Valletta. thematic platforms and dolls from papier-mache, good music, smiles and laughter.

Traditional Maltese carts-carrotine (Karrozzin), drawn by elegant horses, and he steers continuously many tourists in the midst of riotous fun; marching bands, performances on the streets and the sea of traditional sweets.

And most importantly — the participants of the carnival — children and adults — in a variety of costumes that follow the processions, creating a unique atmosphere of fun and joy.

Proudly March through the ancient streets of Valletta kids dressed as princes and princesses. From strollers look out clonate and striped bees. Traditional carnival cakes with cream and almonds tucking in all the corners of crocodiles and turtles, ladies and cowboys. And a special carnival candy — Perlini, sold everywhere, I’m not even ghosts and pirates.

In the evenings the square in Valletta is filled with vampires, and and graphs by Dracul, pirates and cowboys. The action goes into the hands of youth, who are constantly having fun until the morning. Valletta — «a City built for gentlemen» becomes in the days of carnival in the City of Fools.

During the carnival special Commission awards special prizes for best costumes, best platform gondola for the best masks.

The word «the carnival» means in Latin for «farewell meat» (carne vale). The first carnivals appeared in Europe in the middle ages and in most Catholic countries are held to this day.

Carnivals occur 5 days before «Ash Wednesday», which, in turn, is the first day of lent. The last day of carnival is «Fat Tuesday» when you can eat until midnight.

One can trace the history of the Maltese carnival starting at the beginning of the 1400’s. Carnival had a very choppy story. Some rulers did not approve of this violent entertainment, others, on the contrary, treated him quite condescending. The mask is then prohibited, then permitted again, changed the duration of the carnival. Such orders of the authorities caused a wave of public protests, carnivals but still continued. Carnival in Malta has successfully survived the period of British rule (1800 -1964), and today we can speak of more than six centuries old tradition of the Maltese carnival. In 1926 established a special Committee on organization of the carnival, which safely works to this day.

Before the Second world war on the Maltese carnival is often represented local political figures. In the 1920s and 30s caricature of political figures often led to tense situations that led the Maltese government to ban political satire at carnivals.

Today, among the dolls and masks of the carnival can only sometimes notice some similarities with actors and singers. Carnival 2009 in the streets of Valletta held the doll in which it was hard not to know the winner of the Malta Eurovision — the singer Moreno, who performed the song «Vodka».

The carnival starts on the main square in Floriana, where are you going to show off in fancy outfits residents of Malta and many tourists. On the edges of the square theme Park platform, from where it begins its movement in Valletta.

The procession follows in Valletta on the square in front of the Castillo, continue on main street to Freedom square, where continuously show featuring dance and music groups. From there through the main gate of Valletta platform gondola back in Floriano or parked directly outside the walls of Valletta.

On the last day of carnival, the whole procession of Valletta passes through the main street Floriana – street, St. Anne.

If in Malta’s capital, everything is organized according to the plan, the carnival in Nature on the island of Gozo is spontaneous fun. There is no Committee in preparing it, the city authorities only provide safety, block the traffic on the streets and pull a huge tent on the main square of the city in case of rain. Everything else on the conscience of the participants themselves: the costumes, and embellished platform-gondolas, and contests, and fun. The town of Nadur in Gozo was even awarded the title of «Carnival capital of Europe».

Carnival in Gozo was first organized in 1952. Mostly Maltese youth rushes to carnival fun on Gozo, erecting the most incredible costumes. Once I was able to participate in training that suit the customer was satisfied.

On the decorations of carnival has several teams, including sculptors, painters, engineers. As a rule, all these people are keen on the idea of the carnival all my life. Often they help their families and children. For 5 days of fun and celebration, these people spend many hours in the workshops for hard work.

It’s amazing that such a small country with a population of only about 400 thousand people organizes a carnival procession, which is not inferior in beauty to the most famous carnivals in the world.

Customer reviews for Maltese carnival often include phrases that the narrow streets of Valletta and nowhere to roam. And Malta all small, and the population here is only 400 thousand people! But the more surprising, as among such a small number of people is so talented and passionate!

Every year more and more tourists visit Malta to join the revelry of the Maltese Carnival. Join and You!

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