Making masks for carnival

Sewing the lace masks, decorate them with sparkling SWAROVSKY stones fashion designer masks Marina paw binds together the real world and the world of mysticism. More than 15 years of creating and interacting with masks artist Marina paw came to the conclusion that they are sincere and often much more alive than people, because they have only one true face, and their “Golden” silence is more eloquent than words the best speakers in the world.

The mask is created as a Supplement, accessory to a specific suit, becomes the main element is now complete image. We need only to its owner, for which she was made to wear a carnival mask handmade by Marina paw, and here begins the real magic — personal mask comes to life. Also you can enjoy incredible 3D paintings which will be a highlight of any interior.

Therefore, it is important to do a carnival mask from a true master, from natural materials. The mask is made personally for You, and made by hand, will carry the positive energy and depending on the image to protect or help her owner.

Carnival mask handmade by Marina paw, or painting with 3D masks can be a great unique VIP gift for a category of people “who have everything”.

Today, Venetian masks have two functions: a means of expression during the Carnival and souvenir, exclusive expensive VIP gift which tourists take home from the magic city. But, unfortunately, the world economy dictates the pace and often in Venice rarely seen masks the true Venetian masters made with ancient technology. And absolutely impossible to find the mask in a single copy. Mass production is often made of plastic which has nothing in common with traditional handmade, with leather and papier-mache. Such instances often create a false impression of nastojasih roots and values the magic profession of masonica.

The mask is at a carnival entertainment. Venetian masks are expensive, as are real works of art. Some Europeans brought specially to the mind-blowing carnival costumes and masks made especially for them.

Now You have a unique opportunity before a trip to the Venice carnival is already prepared in Ukraine — to create exclusive own unique way, carnival costume, carnival mask handmade from the best Ukrainian masters of masks Marina paw.

Plunge into the captivating world of the carnival, and to be sure that your image is in celebration of the “BELLA VITA” UNIQUE workshop will help You masks paw Marina

When ordering mask handmade in the artist’s Studio — designer Marina paw — you can choose an original, made by the old technology, the perfect accessory for yourself and unusual enchanting VIP gift for all occasions, and most importantly — you will have the guarantee that it is unique.

Carnival mask – bright attribute of the holiday, with one side showing the individuality of the media, on the other hand, hiding his true face. Look at the history, to be exact – to the history of art: the original carnival mask characters of Commedia Dell’arte. Originated this genre in Italy and the 16th century, and he represents a street theatre, the protagonists of which were well known to us, harlequin, Pierrot, Columbine and other heroes in masks. Each of them possessed a peculiar character, was dressed in a bright dress and wore a carnival mask. These characters quickly gained recognition and became a popular favorite, and such an attribute, masquerade mask, became popular as an essential element of the famous Venetian carnival where everyone is wearing a mask, was a mysterious stranger, or a stranger, and plunged into a world of fun.

In our day carnival mask is an original addition to your outfit for a holiday: New Year, Halloween or just a theme party. In addition, carnival mask is an original gift, a souvenir, which will surely appeal to the future owner. Buy carnival masks available in store, but agree that your family and friends is much nicer to receive an exclusive gift, one of a kind. Therefore it is more reasonable to opt for a carnival mask, made to order, made by a professional, not the first year engaged in the manufacture of carnival masks.

Marina paw – professional Masonic. Experience her work over 10 years – that’s how much time she is engaged in manufacturing a unique Venetian masks for individual orders. The materials which are used for making masks – Italian leather, delicate lace, ostrich feathers, gold leaf, painting, an essential element of each mask are the crystals «Swarovski» and boundless imagination of the designer Marina paw. The masks that Marina made with your own hands, you can look in the “Mask”. Each mask has its own character, its own style, its own mystery. How many masks have not done, how many ideas you can bring to life!

If you live in Kiev and wish to present your near and dear ones original gift that will be appreciated and your attention, exclusive carnival mask from Marina Paws – a great find for you! Also delivery is available in Ukraine and CIS countries. According to the information in the “contact us” contact Marina – and she will make your idea into a bright and original carnival mask, which you’ll be proud to present as gift to someone dear to you.

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