Beer festivals in the Czech Republic

Beer festival in Prague

Beer festival in Prague is still young. He has been held since 2008 and since then has become a good tradition. The festival lasts two weeks and can say that people in the Czech Republic. as well as her guests, meet the summer in a holiday mood. Moreover, the entrance to the festival is free.

The organizers took German Oktoberfest and staged on the outskirts of Prague is a real beer town, consisting of huge tents, each of which hosts a variety of entertainment. Preparing for this event for a year, thinking through the holiday program, preparing costumes and other subtleties. Each tent sounds the most different music, it’s rock, national folk, and classic — limits do not exist. What is happening here shows, and other entertainment and Raffles, will not leave anyone indifferent. Czech youth, dressed in national costumes, the festival serves the guests of the festival.

A visitor to the Czech beer festival can choose from almost 70 varieties of beer. made as large beer Breweries and mini — the Breweries. The beer here is served exclusively in glass mugs. As snacks offers a variety of traditional dishes. in the preparation of which involved the best Czech chefs, butchers and bakers. Visitors are national snacks like spicy schurkova “pomazanka”, pork knee and lugs, stew of beer, “Otopeni” with pepper.

However, to buy the desired drinks and snacks during the festival, for rubles, euros, dollars and other currencies, it is impossible. As the payment is accepted only «Beer thalers», which can be purchased in numerous exchange offices of the Czech beer festival. This payment method accelerates the work of the waiters and bartenders, because they do not need to count bills, count the banknotes, and indeed, no need to give change. One «Beer Thaler» is 45 CZK, but to buy less than 5 thalers will not work — they are sold in packs of five pieces. Mug any Czech beer festival can be purchased for one Thaler, the price of appetizers ranges from 2 to 6 thalers, and hot meals from 5 to 7. Such a Thaler and will be a great souvenir.

Czech beer festival in Prague has been included by the British newspaper The Financial Times in forty-global events of the world that you must visit.

Beer festival in Pilsen

In Plzen for the past 165 years, is one of the country’s oldest beer festivals — Pilsner Fest. The autumn festival is a kind of Grand finale celebrations, dedicated to the beer and held in different cities throughout the summer. On the territory of the brewery in Pilsen are major celebrations. It should be noted that this plant is made and the official drink of the festival — Pilsner Urquell, which is considered the best variety. In some years, the festival seems to be several varieties of beer, in addition to the Pilsner Urquell brewery, you can taste and Gambrinus. In addition, the organizers care about the visitors who came to the celebration on the car, this group also offers non-alcoholic Beers. Well, what a holiday in the Czech Republic will be able to do without the traditional fried sausages, grilled meats, fragrant corn, stewed cabbage and other delicacies prepared by the best Czech chefs.

The solemn opening ceremony of the festival held by the mayor of Pilsen, which is available and the first toast. Usually at this celebration there are many famous Czech people.

Each participant Pilsner Fest has the opportunity to review the history of the production of Czech beer. For those wishing to Brewery Museum tours. This Museum is housed in a building which has produced beer since the 15th century. The main beer during the festival in Pilsen is “On Spilce” (translated from the Czech — «Lord»). In addition, this beer garden is the largest in the Czech Republic.

During all three days (usually Pislner Fest is 3 days) of the festival, fans of beer involved in various entertainment offered by the organizers of the event. Conducted and funny «beer competitions» — throwing beer trays, speed the absorption of the drink, works «school of razlivalsya beer» and so on. Everywhere there is joy sounds Czech national music and songs. The festival arranged a special fair, where the Pilsner Fest participants can purchase products made by Czech artisans.

End of the festival fireworks. And the entrance to the festival and participation in entertainment for free.


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