Beautiful carnivals of the world


(17 February – March 4)

Carnival in nice is the main winter event on the French Riviera – one of the three largest and oldest in the world of carnivals.

It’s two weeks of concerts, day and night parades of giant puppets, flower battles, when from huge baskets on the heads of spectators spilling millions of roses, ciclamino, Mimosa, violets and carnations.

Day carnival procession

On the first day of the celebration participants and spectators meet His Majesty the Carnival, and in the evening choose the Queen of the feast.

The procession of dolls always headed by the King of carnival is the height of the six-storey building. It carry on the large platform on which dance and make faces smaller dolls. And after platform sailing smoothly all the king’s men – “four-story” mermaids “storey” knights “storey” Harry Potter “storey” Snow white. Crawling dragons the size of a locomotive, swans, fish, bats. A Grand procession consists of more than twenty colorful platforms, surrounded by hundreds of huge masks; the procession is accompanied by dancers and musicians.

Spectators in the stands fun pour each other a long colored “pasta” from aerosol cans-confetti. “Pasta” harden on the fly, hanging on her ears, hair, carnival hats and funny masks.

Every day on city streets ride colorfully decorated carts with giant puppets from papier-mache. These dolls, the main characters of the Carnival, weigh up to 2 tons and rise above the carts 8-12 meters.

“Parade of Lights” Carnival procession with illumination)

Tonight Massena square is filled with light and Shine – “Parade of Lights” envelops the streets of the Old City. In the days of peace it’s just a nice square with a fountain and garden. In the days of carnival battles on it erect a precast stadium, home dress in 120 thousand square meters of plywood which is painted with 120 artists. And then all these vivid pictures are decorated with light bulbs. Bulbs wink and blazing in the night sky, turning enormous wheels of fire, crawling thick colored smoke, exploding firecrackers and spilling confetti.

“the Battle of flowers” (flower parade)

Perhaps the most beautiful event of the carnival, the Battle of flowers on the promenade des Anglais. The procession consists of twenty platforms, rich and colourful fresh flowers. Pretty girl gracefully throw thousands of flowers into the crowd.

The organizers of the carnival estimate that you need about 4000-5000 stems to cover these platforms, 7 meters long, 2 meters wide and 6 meters high.

Not seeing it with my own eyes, it’s hard to imagine all the brilliance of this show. Bright colors and heady scents of daisies, irises, gerberas, roses, carnations and gladioli fill nice; actors dressed in luxurious and extravagant costumes, marching on the Promenade des Angles, and, of course, a special place in the procession devoted to the platform from Mimosa – this flower has long become a symbol of spring nice.

The theme of the carnival in nice every year is different. Carnival 2012 is dedicated to the Olympic games in London – the King of Sports “Roi Du Sport”. Britain will be the guest of honor CARNAVAL DE NICE 2012.

“Good form” of the French carnival is to spray the middle from head to toe foam spray and sprinkle all counter confetti.

At the last evening, according to tradition, before being burned at the stake in the sea, his Majesty the Carnival, before he disappeared forever, marches accompanied by his executioners on the streets. End the carnival with a Grand fireworks display.

By the way, the better to see the parade, you can order tickets for the Seating and standing places. Tickets for the carnival parade (afternoon parade night parade or Battle color) cost 10 euros (walkabout) to 20 – 25 euros (sitting place on the podium).


(17 February – March 4)

According to local specialists in tourism, it is the second most important event in the French Riviera after the carnival in nice. According to its popularity it is even ahead of the Formula 1 in Monaco.

Lemon — a symbol of Menton. After a brief downturn due to the financial crisis, the production of citrus fruits in the South of France reached the former power, which adds to the delight of the organizers and participants of the celebration. On the streets of Menton this year will deliver 150 tons of fruit.

Lemon carnival in Menton is a colorful celebration of citrus, accompanied by music, dancing, colorful performances, fireworks and magnificent festivities. During the festival, exhibitions of citrus, fairs of folk art, where everyone is invited to taste the new varieties of lemons, drinks and sweets prepared from “fresh king holiday”.

The “Lemon festival” in Menton advanced age: in 2008, it celebrated its 75th anniversary.

In February, on Sundays, along the coast of Menton will pass the famous Parade of tuples Golden fruit, in which will participate the platform, decorated with citrus fruits and flowers. In a festive ceremony will be attended by about 300 people, mostly girls in feathers and bright robes. They will be accompanied by orchestras of folk music and the cheerleaders warming up the crowd.

In the Park BiÒves will open an exhibition of sculptures made from lemons and oranges. The theme of the exhibition changes every year. For example, last year it was “Great civilizations”: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Vikings and the East. For several weeks in Menton rose antique temples, statues of Buddhas and elephants made of oranges, lemons and tangerines. The theme of the festival this year will be ” Regions of France”.

In parallel with citrus festival in the European Palace Menton Festival of orchids, on which the French Association of lovers of this flower brings the best examples from around the world — the most beautiful, fragrant and unusual.

With the coming of night Menton will turn into a Garden lumière — with the light show, installations of citrus and fireworks. Ends with a festive event with fireworks.

Tickets for the pageant are from 9 EUR (walkabout) to 17 euros (sitting place on the podium).


(17 – 26 February)

The Mimosa festival is celebrated in early February of each year. The festival lasts for 10 days. And everything 10 days accompanied by exhibits (for example, a perfume based on the smell of Mimosa), fairs, balls and all kinds of competitions.

This festival, which has become traditional, allows you to see the carnival ships, decorated with flowers for the big parade.

Mimosa has been imported into the region in the early 19th century British botanists from Sunny Australia. English aristocrats, thus, were the first who began to decorate their gardens Mimosa, when was the French Riviera.

Its exciting parades especially the famous French town of Mandelieu-La-Napoule. Growing Mimosa is one of the main industries of this wonderful town. Here is the Mimosa Festival – is dancing, singing, theatrical performances and stunning flower arrangements.



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