Alone in Italy for carnival

Trip alone to Italy to better perform during the carnival. And to find the the travel time will be easy: carnivals in Italy are held at different times and in different cities. During the carnival will not be bored: everywhere there is joy in the air confetti flies. Costumes carnival participants unusual and colorful.

Let’s focus on the cities of Italy, where carnivals have become a tradition. Possibly yourself going to Italy . you will visit one of these holidays.

Acireale, Catania, Sicily

The best carnival in Sicily takes place in the town of Acireale, located right at the foot of mount Etna. Exciting trip will turn out to diversify a beach vacation, this Baroque town looks in the turquoise waters of the Ionian sea. The carnival in Acireale has a rich history, the first time the celebration took place in the 18th century. Over the years has accumulated vast experience carnival, the act becomes a great show. Following the Italian tradition. the participants of the carnival are clothed in allegorical outfits, ridiculing those in power. Thus, people try to draw the attention of celebrities and politicians on the discontent of the people. Earlier people dropped in participants vegetables and eggs, but today they were replaced with spray foam and paper confetti. The festival is a great atmosphere of joy and carefree fun.

Bagolino Lombardy

This carnival was first held in the 16th century in a small village close to the lake Bagolino Idro. The event is divided into two parts. First, the celebration begins with the Prim balarì (dancers) who are dressed in embroidered vests, pants to the knee, white stockings and shirts, red caps. On his neck was tied a silk scarf. They are contrasted by other participants of the action, representing just dressed people “from the people” that call out various offensive jokes about the dancers.

Cento, Emilia-Romagna

In this city kicks off the most extravagant carnival in Europe. Carnival in Cento is considered to be twinned with the famous Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Every year, participants of the festival in Cento participate in Rio procession. In turn, Brazilian dancers and musicians arrive at Italian celebrations in Cento. In 2013, the carnival is emphasized. In may 2012 an earthquake Cento was damaged and local residents this holiday is seen as a good opportunity for change, a return to happy times.

Ivrea, Piedmont

In Ivrea is the most old-fashioned carnival Italy. The festival opens with drums and the sound of music. The event is a reconstruction of the medieval events, when the city was liberated from the tyranny of a cruel and greedy Baron. The Baron was banished thanks to the daughter of a simple Miller, who was able to raise the people to revolt. The Central figure of the carnival – the Miller’s daughter, which is accompanied officers on horseback, who supported the rebellion. Bright and unusual holiday battle of the oranges, which actually happened in feudal Italy on 12 February. Currently people also throw oranges into the carriage of the Lord. But the retinue of the Lord, in turn, will be throwing fruit at people. The action takes place before lent, on Thursday. Most of the residents go to the square on this day in red conical hats, showing a desire for freedom, worship the heroes of the French revolution.

Putignano, Puglia

The city of Putignano located South of Bari, here is one of the oldest carnivals in Europe. The first festival dates back to the year 1394. The official carnival mask white and green. The main mask has the name «Farinella», it is named in honor of local wheat dishes to add to the chickpeas and toasted barley.

Roman carnival one of the most spectacular. Most celebrations are held in the squares of Rome, Piazza Navona and Piazza del Popolo. Carnival has a very rich program: fantastic fireworks, horse jousting tournaments, street artists, equestrian themed art show. The highlight of the celebrations was racing on via del Corso, which will compete one hundred and Berber horses. It is the largest equestrian event in Europe in 2012, which brought together 800 000 spectators. In 2013, the program included a parade, dedicated to the composer Giuseppe Verdi, dedicated to the 200 anniversary from the date of his birth. The parade will consist of horse carts driven by people in traditional costumes. Also during the holidays will involve a number of street performers and Italian cavalry.

Tricarico, Basilicata

Carnival in Tricarico their unique costumes. Mask of participants is dress which suit white cow with horns and bells, decorated with bright ribbons. Costumes bulls – black with red ribbons.

Val d’Aosta

In the Alpine area also hosts several local festivals. Their uniqueness is that carnivals are held on the background of snowy peaks. in a beautiful corner of the globe.


One bright carnival takes place in the seaside town of Viareggio. It is unique in that parade, and a party atmosphere that blends in bars, restaurants and Nightclubs throughout the city. Each year the show attracts millions of viewers.


During carnival every corner of Venice is bright and festive for parades, masks and music. The last celebration day — Fat Tuesday, followed by a forty-day fast before Easter. The carnival opens bright act Festa delle Marie, which is dedicated to the liberation of twelve Venetian girls abducted from Istrian pirates. Since 1996, the Venice carnival has its own anthem, written by the famous couturier Pierre Cardin. The history of the famous Venetian masks associated with this holiday – the day of the carnival to the people of low rank, was allowed to sit at the table along with the hosts, but their faces were hidden by masks. In our time before the beginning of lent every year, thousands of people wearing original costumes and exquisite masks. Every year over half a million tourists visit Venice in the days of carnival activities. End of the festival a spectacular spectacle called «Vogata del Silenzio (water Parade). Traditional gondolas and rowing boats from the Rialto bridge to San Marco, the Grand canal, lit only by candles.


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