5 interesting culinary festivals in summer

Food festivals — it is usually bright and impressive. Chefs looked what exciting events await us in the next few months.

International festival jam

5 August in Moscow for the second time the festival “Moscow jam”. The first festival was held in August 2014. It was attended by chefs and companies from all over Russia and from 15 countries near and far abroad. As planned by the organizers, the event aims to recreate the atmosphere of festivities in Moscow. In the past year within 10 days of the festival events took place at 19 venues in the city, where more than 230 chalets. And each one had its own theme: “Bazaar”, “garden of Eden” — and decorated them figures out of the sand and exotic trees up to four metres high: oleanders, palm trees, plane trees, between which strolled Indian peacocks and pheasants.

As on the previous festival, this year it will be possible to see and try the original jams from around the world made from watermelon peels, green tomatoes, fir cones, dandelions, ginger with lemon, cactus, etc.


26 August in Buñol in Eastern Spain starts the annual “Tomato festival” dedicated to the departing flight. Like all Spanish festivals, it goes with festive fireworks, music, dancing and free refreshments. This festival has one distinctive feature that attracts in Bunyola crowds of tourists — the culmination of the festival in the form of a tomato fight that takes place right on the town square.

The signal for the beginning of the battle is a special firecracker launched on Wednesday at 11 am from the city hall. At this signal on the streets there are several trucks loaded with ripe tomatoes, which are the missiles. In the battle involved all of the festival guests – and their number could reach 40,000 people. For a period of fighting lasting two hours, closed almost all the bars, cafes, restaurants and all public places, and the Windows and doors hang the plastic panel.

Special rules no, there are just four of the ban: the beginning and the end battles are strictly defined signal petard with the town hall; you cannot rush anything, except tomatoes, and the tomatoes must be squashed before throwing to avoid injuries; it is forbidden to tear each other’s clothes; it is impossible to prevent movement of trucks loaded with tomatoes.

Pizza festival “Pizzafest”

“Pizzafest” Naples is the main festival of pizza in the world and one of the highlights of Italy. This year it will start on 1 September. For several days the whole of Naples is filled with unique flavors of Basil, mozzarella and fresh pastries.

The main thing to “Pizzafest” – of course, tasting. Pay a few euros for a ticket to the main festival site, visitors from morning till night pizza eaten in huge quantities. The chef coming to the celebration of different countries, bake cakes of all kinds and with different fillings. The Central event of the festival — renowned culinary masters competitions, which come in the fight for the prestigious title of best pizza maker in the world. By choosing the winner of the organizers approached seriously: install special equipment for the voting and counting results.


From September 19 to Munich for two weeks will dive into the annual Oktoberfest. By tradition, the opening day, exactly 12 hours, the mayor uncorks a barrel of beer. This symbolic action start “beer marathon”. Then, through the main streets of the city starts the festive procession.

Another tradition of Oktoberfest — opening giant beer tents, popularly referred to as “tents”. Every year there are exactly 14. The first such “tent” appeared in 1896. The largest of them, owned by the Munich beer “Hofbrauhaus” can accommodate 11,000 people. And we are talking only about the seats: Germans prefer to drink beer just sitting. Almost all people tents are located all together at long tables.

The scope of the festival is best say the statistics. During the festival, drink about 7 million liters of beer (each year this amount increases), consumed about 1.5 million chickens and fried sausages, 84 bull. Beer provided by six Breweries in Munich, beer is sold in 650 places. Additionally opened 363 shops with Souvenirs. 200 visitors entertained and amusement venues. During the festival in Munich attended by more than 7 million tourists from all continents of the earth.

The feast of the “New Beaujolais”

As usual, on the third Thursday of November, at midnight, on the French earth comes the feast of the “New Beaujolais” — young wine, made in a small region North of Lyon. In 2015 this will happen on November 19 . This is a real “day winemaker” when walking the whole country. Just then assess how successful the harvest was this year.

Usually start the celebration give winemakers from the town bozho. Holding lighted torches from the vine, they are solemn procession out of the town square that already has a barrel with a young wine. At midnight they knock out plugs, and drunken jet “Beaujolais Nouveau” and begin the next annual pilgrimage across France and around the world. But a few days before landmark dates from small villages and towns in the Beaujolais region of millions of bottles of young wine fly to restaurants all over the world. The producers compete who first will deliver your wine in a particular part of the world. Regardless of the time zone, Beaujolais tasting the new harvest begins on the third Thursday of each November.

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