10 events and festivals of autumn, which are worth a visit

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Beer festival “Oktoberfest”, Munich, the last week of September – the first week of October.

Every autumn a huge beer tents are set on the Theresienwiese meadow and begin 16 days of merry feasting. In fact, Oktoberfest – the largest annual festival in the world. Large tents and tents can accommodate up to 6,000 beer lovers, establish their restaurants or owners of city bars. Each tent has its own special atmosphere.

The waiters quickly bypass the crowd with circles so that people begin to quench your thirst and didn’t stop until 7 October. Of course, in addition to beer there are a lot of things: dining, fun, shows, dances, shooting ranges, puppet theatres, circuses, tent, mini-cars and the carousel. During the festival, drink about 6 million liters of beer, consumed hundreds of thousands of chickens and sausages, hundreds of bulls, tens of thousands of pounds of fish and cheese.

In 1810 the Bavarian king Ludwig I married Teresa von Sachsenhausen and local people celebrated this event for 16 consecutive days. They had so much fun that they decided to repeat it next year. It lasted for almost two hundred years.

The carnival of world cultures, the middle of September, Hamburg

A huge number of people coming to Hamburg this carnival, as in the streets, squares, concert and exhibition halls you can plunge into the diversity of national cultural traditions around the world. Live music, traditional dances and a kitchen, a large book fair and exhibition – fair of crafts will impress adults and children.

Middle East exhibition watches and jewels, UAE. Sharjah, the end of October

Held in Expo centre Sharjah. The exhibition presents the latest models of watches, as well as numerous gold products and jewellery made by modern designers.

International motor show, Frankfurt

The salon has been held for more than 60 years.

The festival “Water music”, Amsterdam. the beginning of September

A series of chamber music concerts in different styles with one thing in common: they all take place on the water. The scene becomes pontoons, old ships, barges. On the waterfront every half hour known ringers perform pieces for the bells. Locals traditionally arrive at the concerts on their boats, and those boats don’t no, listen to musicians from the shore.

Regatta in Venice

Venice’s Grand canal on one day becoming a place of pilgrimage not only foreign tourists, but also of the Venetians. Here is held the annual historical regatta of gondolas. This city tradition for more than 600 years.

The annual wine festival, which opens in early September, invites all residents and guests of the fabulous Islands to enjoy as your heart desires generous wine. Of course, to the twelve days of the holiday programme will not only be free wine, welcome pour in a special, bought here, bottles and cups. Folk musicians will delight the ear, cooks – the stomach, and the dancers in kaduskar with grapes – eyes.

International book fair, Frankfurt, mid October

Europe’s largest annual book fair, which runs for 5-7 days.

The fish festival, Spain. the first half of October

Europe’s largest fish festival takes place in Spain in the town of grove, on a small Peninsula. The festival – one of the most famous fishing holidays in the world. In addition to local sellers professionals are flocking here from all over the continent. Nine days on the streets and in the restaurants, guests feast on all seafood. In addition to traditional folklore concerts, competitions fishermen, sporting events and exhibitions of seafood, there are a lot of good drinks.

Christmas markets, November-December

In all countries of Europe in November-December are Christmas fairs and bazaars. By tradition, the Christmas market is located on the main square of the city, turning it almost a month – before the onset of Christmas – in a medieval town, enticing in their lanes magical abundance of stalls selling a variety of goods and heady scents. Of course, the fair is always a great selection of Christmas decorations.


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